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I Really Need Your Help

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Just found out Monday I need to take Thyroid medication for Hashimoto disease again.

I cannot have gluten, corn and lactose. Actually, gluten and corn is the big issue.

Does anyone know which Thyroid med. I can take for low Thyroid, without gluten and corn?

Feel like my "life depends" on finding one that is going to work. Is there anything in liquid form?

I am taking care of my little daughter and really hate not being able to be "there" for her all the way.

Feel like I am going through the day sleepwalking. Would be glad about any help I can get. Thanks.

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you can find a compounding pharmacy near you and they can make compound of what you need, and then it should be gluten-free/CF/LF if you tell it to them, that is how i get it, but i have no idea where i get it from 'cause my mom orders it but i think that that is the way to go.

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I'm going through the same thing.

I have found they have corn in them or the dyes are cross contaminated with gluten. Or at leas the ones I have tried. You might call the companies that make ARMOR THYROID or another called NATURE THYOID. One is from pork, and the other one had corn, if my memory is right. Compounding RX is the only way to go ....and this week end I found-out the-hard-way the only type of thyroid hormone they are ALL able to get to make us in LEVOTHYROXINE T4. I called one guy in Boston, another in Florida and yet another in California and they all told me the same thing -- that is the drug they use to make thyoid medication.

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