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New Here Too

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Hi, I am relatively new here too, I wrote this for our church bulletin. It is for those who have beliefs and may have been questioning the fairness in celiac disease or any other diagnosis for that matter. It helped me have an answer for those that seemed to want to blame God. I know that posts can be misinterpreted because we do not see each other face to face - if it helps you find peace, that is my wish. It is not meant as some religious push of any kind.

The Gift

My daughter has Aspergers syndrome, it is a disorder within the autistic spectrum. She was born with muscle weakness as well and could not walk until the age of three years, then at the age of four years her thyroid gland failed and she was diagnosed hypothyroid, she also has heart damage from Kawasaki disease, and celiac disease. My son has diabetes and celiac disease. I also have insulin dependent diabetes mellitus and hypothyroidism. I share this information, not to garner sympathy, but to allow you to understand the struggles that our family has shared.

You see, I have always had faith in a loving God. On a few occasions I have had people comment that God was responsible for the disabilities, and that I had some lesson to learn; others wondered why God would do this to a child.

I am no expert in theology so this my personal view - I do not believe that God inflicts disease and pain on our children or causes physical problems. We are born human and the gift of life is indeed a miracle from God, but from conception onward - we are human, and with that comes frailties. Our bodies will fail and sometimes babies die or struggle with a disability from birth; at other times we have accidents. He gives us life and then it's up to us how we deal with it.

My belief? God surrounds us with the love of family, friends, church family, excellent doctors and therapists. If you blame God for the pain then you will be too bitter to notice what He provides. He welcomes the babies into Heaven with a loving embrace if they should pass too soon; He cries with us as we struggle with raising a child who is different from the rest, He weeps with us if they die too soon. I believe I was chosen to be Matthew and Kathryn's mother so I could see the gift of being different, so I could understand the love that surrounds me, so I could truly appreciate the angels here on earth that embrace me when I am weak. Perhaps I am here to help another family as they struggle with Aspergers or diabetes... I don't know yet.

I do not wait for God to save my child or cure my illness. This is how it was meant to be.

I remember the story of the man who waited in vain for God to save him as he sat on a roof during a flood, he ignored a boat and a helicopter as he waited for some sign from God. He dies and as he arrives in heaven he asks; Where were you God?, I believed you would save me!

The man failed to recognize that the boat and the helicopter were provided and he ignored them.

I have heard of some people that stop taking insulin, believing that God won't let them die......well, I think of insulin as the helicopter that is talked about in the story! It's there for us to use so we can take care of the life we have been given. God does provide, it may seem that we are alone at times - lean back and feel His embrace, He is there. Sometimes he sends angels to us - ever wonder why your best friend calls just when you need support? Ever wonder why certain wonderful people have crossed our paths?

You are never alone.


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Oh, that's really beautiful! Thanks for sharing it. It does help to think of it that way!

I know I am learning a lot from my struggles and am becoming more understanding of other's weaknesses.


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Hi Sandy, and welcome to our board. I read what you wrote, and it almost made me cry. I wished that all mothers would think the way you do, so that children with problems would be loved the way God meant for them to be loved. A lot of suffering could be prevented.

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Welcome here!

I love your point of view. It's very positive to me. That's right, there's treatment out there for us that serves to help protect us from diseases. We're not perfect, so, we're going to have illnesses. I'll remember this post, especially during my ups and down that I've been having. Take it easy, Sandy.


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Thank-you - I was hoping others would see the message and feel not so alone.

Ursula - I notice you too have Aspergers - it has been the introduction of Aspergers in our family that has helped me grow so much. It pains me when I see parents desperately seeking a "cure" for something I see as a gift. I absolutely introduce therapies and ideas for my daughter to help her cope in our social world, my goal is to help her reach her potential.

I knew I was doing things right when Kathryn hugged me one night and said " I like it that you understand me".

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