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Aveda Cosmetics And Hair Care

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The salon I'd like to hire for my wedding hair/make up only uses AVEDA products. I have a list of AVEDA products that CONTAIN gluten, which is extensive, but there is no indication of how many "safe" products remain....Want to be sure I'll have options. Does/has anyone use(d) AVEDA since going gluten-free? I'm mostly concerned about the cosmetics. I can take my own shampoo/hairspray to the salon.


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Guest cassidy

I got a basket with some Aveda shampoo and lotions. The shampoo had gluten but all the lotions are ok.

I would think if you are in a salon and someone else is washing your hair, that it doesn't matter if the shampoo or conditioner has gluten in it. I don't see how you could get it in your mouth when you are sitting at one of those sinks. I do use gluten-free shampoo only at home, but I don't worry about it there.

As for makeup, I don't worry about anything on my eyes because I don't see how I could get that in my mouth. I am very conscious about not putting my fingers in my mouth in case I have touched something with gluten I would think you only need to worry about the lipstick and foundation. If you have good foundation and lipstick that you use at home, you could bring that with you.

I realize that different people have different comfort zones, so you will need to do what you feel is best, but if it was me, I wouldn't worry about the shampoo, conditioner or eye make up and I would bring my own foundation and lipstick.

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I would go visit the salon in advance to discuss your options so you don't have to the day you're in there. A lot of their shampoos and conditioners do have gluten (either wheat or barley, mainly). I think you could probably find a shampoo and a conditioner without gluten, but I don't think they'll be the same kind. I could find both shampoos and conditioners last time I was there, but they didn't match.

I get a rash if I use a product with gluten on my face, so I don't have the option of using glutenous stuff that won't make it into my mouth. Everyone's needs are different. I'd make a trip over there beforehand to make the arrangements and so they are ready to accomodate you. And, I would take no chances on my wedding day!!!!

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