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Using Pda For Lists

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Hi All,

Thought I would share my experience for managing all my lists for gluten-free items. I bought a Palm Pilot (and learned to use it), and use it to take my lists with me everywhere I go. I downloaded lists of gluten-free Restaurants, Safe Food Lists, Safe gluten-free Medications and even Manufacturers w/addresses onto my computer. I organized them with Notepad and Microsoft Word, The PalmPilot comes with software for your computer and from this I was able to download all my files to the PDA. When I am in the grocery store, I can bring up an Item to check if it is safe or not without having to read the ingredient lists. If I want to eat out while I am out and about, I check my PDA for safe restaurants and the foods that I have listed that are safe to eat. I can update my computer files and refresh them on my PDA when necessary. I love it. It makes everything a little less complicated. Just thought I'd share and hope this helps somebody. Have a great and blessed day. :D

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