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My Dairy Experiment

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Okay, so I've been gluten-free for awhile (June 2005) and cf since Oct. 2005. I decided this June to try eating cheese because I love it. I felt great from June to Aug. Then as each day went by my stools got softer and softer and my hair started falling out again. So, I guess I have to accept the fact that I am indeed casein intolerant. If only my bm's would be solid again and my hair would stop falling out, I'd be back to where I was back in May of this year. It's just not fair that on top of gluten we have to have other food intolerances.

I needed to edit this because I'm not sure that it is the dairy. I stopped eating dairy and was still eating Kinnikinnick bread, etc. and still having bm problems. So, I stopped Kinnikinnick products too and have reintroduced dairy and I have not had any problems. Maybe it was tapioca that was causing me grief. I know that others on this site have had problems with tapioca.

Tapioca intolerant

First cousin dx'd with Celiac Disease

Grandmother died of malnutrition b/c everything made her sick... sounds like celiac to me.

Gluten-free since June 2005

Dx with IBS February 2005

Blood tests both negative (or inconclusive?) for celiac (in 2002 and 2004)

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