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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. Doctor In Edmonton?

    I had a great doctor when I lived in Edmonton. I don't believe she's taking new patients though. It also depends what part of the city you are in. Finding a good doctor in Alberta is tough.
  2. Okay, I haven't been on this site in ages. I was very disturbed at a local restaurant. St James Gate has a gluten-free menu and I've eaten there before. However, this time I questioned them about having french fries on their gluten-free menu, knowing that they deep-fry breaded items in their fryer. The waitress said that the gluten gets burned off in the fryer! I said this is not true. I wanted to post this because many international visitors come to Banff and eat at this restaurant. Stay safe in your travels.
  3. Has anyone ever had to live in a work camp in Fort Mac? Unfortunately, in this economy there aren't vary many jobs in my field. If the company wants to send me there I have to go. Being a small woman in a oil camp of about 2000 men is scary. Shared bathrooms and showers, yuck! The kitchen is catered, so I'm very worried about gluten-free food. The whole thing sucks, if you ask me. Usually for my work I stay in hotels. Anyways, I was just wondering if anyone has any experience in this area.
  4. SunWorks Farms rocks! I've been buying their products for years. Their products are also nitrate- and MSG-free.
  5. Okay, the gluten-free crepe and waffle cafe in Canmore is called Divine Cravings. It is located on Main street. I had a savoury crepe and it was delicious.
  6. Coyotes in Banff has some good gluten-free options. They are very informed and I did not get sick.
  7. In Canada Fry's is made at two different factories. One factory has wheat in it and the other does not. The two cans are labelled correctly. The large cans sold at Costo are from the wheat factory.
  8. Kraft and ConAgra will list wheat and maybe gluten on their allergy statement. I posted about peanut butter in your bacon post so look there. I buy plain nuts from Superstore or Costco and make my own mixes. I freeze them if the bags are too big. VH soya sauce is gluten-free. Also, Braggs from Planet Organic is gluten-free. Not sure about Montreal steak spice. I stick to McCormicks in the small glass jars with the green labels since they are all gluten-free. They are expensive but I don't like to get sick and small amounts of spices stay fresh. If you are in Edmonton, it's great because you can shop right at the Kinnikinnick factory which is slightly cheaper. I miss that. When I lived in Edmonton I went to Save-On Foods, Sobeys, Superstore, Costco, Safeway and Planet Organic. I looked for the sales especially on things gluten-free pastas and things like that. I bought large bags of plain rice either at Superstore in the Asian aisle or at Costco. If you eat deli-meat then prepackaged Freybe is safe. The Strathcona Farmers market is awesome. Sunworks Farms is owned by a celiac family and they are certified organic and humanely operated. Their sausages are all gluten-free. I love Sunworks! It's very overwhelming at first but it does get easier with time. You are lucky to be in Edmonton; it is a very easy place to be gluten-free. Join the celiac association of canada and the Edmonton chapter. They will send you a beginners package with a booklet to take to the grocery stores (like a little gluten-free dictionary) and other great info.
  9. I think you are in Alberta? I am in Alberta too. Kraft peanut butter is gluten-free. Co-op (if you are in southern AB) has a nice Organic no-stir peanut butter. Western Family makes a nice Organic need-to-stir peanut butter (at Save-On Foods or Sobeys). Bacon I'm not sure. I've lived in northern and southern AB so PM me if you want any info.
  10. The Railway Deli in Canmore made an awesome gluten-free wrap for me. It was delicious and I had no ill-effects.
  11. Panorama has made some vast changes to their food and beverage department. I was there for a meeting over the weekend and had three meals a day without any issues. I was actually quite full every day. They knew in advance that I would need gluten-free meals and when I arrived at each restaurant I identified myself. They did a superb job. I highly recommend going there. I made sure I was staying in the condos with kitchens just in case, but I didn't have to make any of my own meals. For those of you who aren't familiar with Panorama, it's near Invemere B.C.
  12. Pacific makes some gluten-free broths in 1L tetra packs. They are available at Costco in a six pack and it is clearly labelled gluten-free on the bottom of the box. I'm out west though so I'm not sure if this available out east.
  13. That's great! I'm pretty sure Alberta healthcare would not pay a cent for genetic testing. Alberta has some serious issues right now in it's healthcare as a whole. No big deal, I think I'll look into Enterolab.
  14. I can't get those beers where I live in Canada, but I thought I'd review the ones I can get here. La Messagerie -- gluten-free Original Ale -- light colour, good carbonation, slighty bitter but overall a good tasting ale La Messagere -- gluten-free Red Ale -- nice amber colour, good carbonation, slightly sweet which is odd at first, but it seems to grow on you Frio -- gluten-free Lager -- nice light colour and body, good carbonation, sweet tasting, nice mild beer Cheers!
  15. Bob's Red Mill

    I had problems with BRM years ago before they changed their factory, and their cc issues. I buy the packages that are clearly labelled gluten-free and I have not had any problems in the past year. Try to figure out if there is one ingredient bothering you. I couldn't eat dairy for the first year or so of being gluten-free. For some reason, tapioca bothers me.