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Stacie H.


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chap stick

your makeup, particularly lipstick, but even pressed powder could do it

lotions (vitamin E as an ingredient can be a culprit)

contaminated toaster

contaminated microwave at work (dirty, I've seen food hanging from the tops of some work micros, yuck)

off-brand sodas

mainstream products that appear to be gluten free, but are CC'd

specialty products that are gluten free, but not made in a dedicated factory

charcoal grill/contaminated grill

art products (Play-doh, paints, glues, etc)

feminine products - not all are gluten free (use your imagination)

envelopes/stamps (these should be gluten free, but some swear that they've been glutened by licking them)

lactose intolerance from flattened villi

other intolerances (dairy, soy, corn, nightshades, lectins, etc)

Don't forget cross contamination in things like jars of peanut butter or mayo...also stamps and envelopes.

In addition to this celiac patients tend to be prone to alot more allergies too. It usually is a snowball effect that starts with gluten containing foods (wheat, rye, barley and most oats) then moves on down the grain line to things like corn and rice, then on to other things. If he's really frustrated check about getting a second opinion...not on celiacs but general digestive upset. If he's got a good GI doctor then they would check for ulcerations during the biopsy for celiac if his stress is that bad.

I've got a ton of issues in my family...most allergy. Personally I'm working on EE and/or EGID...acid reflux caused by an allergy, most likely food related. I've been gluten-free for 1.5 years and this started 6 months ago. Now I get to go through the fun of finding out what the new "intolerance" is. :blink:

Does anyone else find it funny... our diets sound like a food malitia...Intolerant to gluten! :)

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Scared? yes, certainly.. I am in the last semester of my PhD and my husband has gluten intolerance - He is a PhD student too, but is taking this semester off - I dont have that chance - I have to help him recover as soon as possible and also I have to finish my program and find a job so that I can pay the school bills and his medical bills.... I have been delaying everything for about 8 months.. what to do what to do, continue..yes I am scared, actually, I am overloaded with many many things..

so, please dont feel alone - I starting to check this page to learn about celiac and teach my husband - he gets scared when he reads - we learned a lot, and still learning - on the other hand, I realized as time passed, I need some support too, so, while I was cooking, writing my chapters, entering my data all those things, I often checked this page, still checking... I feel like I am not alone, it is a good feeling, it is not solving the things for me, but helps me stay strong - still scared though!

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