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Essential Tremors & Celiac Disease?

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I have read a lot on seizures and celiac disease but I haven't seen anything on tremors. I am a newly diagnosed celiac and am curious if my Essential Tremors (a neurologist diagnosed me three years ago) are due to celiac. My ET is that my left hand shakes non-stop when it is not at rest. People always ask me if I am nervous. Anyway, I am curious if anyone here knows if they are related. If so, will my tremors reduce after the gluten-free diet? Just curious. I also have migranes and I am hoping that being gluten free will help them.


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I was diagnosed with essential tremors about 8 years ago. Diagnosed with Celiac 3 years ago. My Mother who I believe was an undiagnosed Celiac also had essential tremors. I have them bad and take a drug at bedtime that mostly controls them. Though at the end of the afternoon, I cannot not sign my name to a check. I have gone back to printing everything in a letter or the basics of a check. It seems that I can control the printing better. I was told that Celiac and the tremors are related. In my case, the tremors did not improve by me going gluten-free.

My migraines also did not improve by going gluten-free and I take a beta-blocker at bedtime that helps to cut down on them. But, remember this is only my personal expierience. I know there are some others on here that had their migraines helped with the gluten-free diet.

BTW, Welcome to the forum. Hopefully someone else will post that has had more positive results then I have had.

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Scoliosis of the spine (caused by malabsorption and it is horribly painful) This would be enough reason for someone to go gluten free.

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Interesting. I'm newly diagnosed and I have genes from both of my parents for celiac neither of whom have ever been diagnosed themselves. However, my dad's hands shake all the time and I've always asked him why and he says "they just do". He is going to be tested for celiac hoepfully soon.

I used to get terrible migraines about once a month and in the month I've been gluten-free I haven't had one (i have had minor headaches but nothing compared to the migraines I used to get).

Good luck!


Diagnosed with Celiac Disease February 2007

Finally feeling better than ever!

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