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  1. It has been over two months since my endoscopy revealed celiac disease. I have been on the diet and not doing much better. I still have speratic nausea and difficulty eating most days. I have a lot of back pain when I eat. My GI doc is a firm believer in Celiac and the associated problems. He ordered a Hida scan to rule out gall bladder problems. My fraction rate was 35% which he said was too high to reccomend surgery. He also noted that several Celiac's have extremely high rates with their gall bladder problems. He has ordered the capsule endoscoy that takes more pictures. I go in tomorrow at 6:30 am to take the pill and get the equipment for the day. I am beginning to feel like a lab rat with no end in site. I have a trip to Disney world scheduled in JUNE I have to feel better by then. Any ideas? My do recommended I take more pain meds and nausea meds. I don't want the meds. I want to get to the source of the problem. Thanks for your insite!
  2. Thanks for the advice! I am a huge dairy fan. So I probably need to eliminate it for now. I LOVE yogurt. So I will take it out of my diet for awhile. I was leaning towards not having the 2nd endoscopy done. Because it will prove nothing! THANKS AGAIN! I have been so lucky to have found this website. Everyone hear that I have heard from has been so helpful. THANK YOU!!
  3. I have read a lot on seizures and celiac disease but I haven't seen anything on tremors. I am a newly diagnosed celiac and am curious if my Essential Tremors (a neurologist diagnosed me three years ago) are due to celiac. My ET is that my left hand shakes non-stop when it is not at rest. People always ask me if I am nervous. Anyway, I am curious if anyone here knows if they are related. If so, will my tremors reduce after the gluten-free diet? Just curious. I also have migranes and I am hoping that being gluten free will help them. Thanks!
  4. She is wanting to do the 2nd endoscope in her words to 'rule out celiac disease'. She doesn't feel like they tested enough different areas of the villi in the first endoscope. But Celiac disease is what GI#1 already confirmed with his endoscope. So I am just thinking, WHAT IS THE POINT? GI#1 sent me to the teaching institution to make sure there where no gall bladder problems or anything else. Because I still have a ton of pain in between my shoulder blades after I eat. But like all my gall bladder tests (ultrasound, and nuclear medicine) the CT scans came back normal as well. I just feel like they have me running around in circles for no reason. I am just frustrated. I don't really have your 'typical' if there is such a thing celiac symptoms. I have extreme nausea and back pain and diffuculty swallowing.
  5. What would you do ?... My GI doc #1 did an endoscopy early Feb. the pathologist labwork said that I tested positive for Celiac Sprue. My bloodwork was negative. My GI doc told me to go on the gluten free diet for a few weeks and report back. I still felt horrible after 4 weeks and he refferred me to GI doc#2 at a nearby teaching institute. Gi doc#2 listened to all my symptoms read teh pathology lab report from GI#1. She told me to eat whatever I wanted and to not worry about Celiac disease. She sent me for a ton of bloodwork and an abnominal & pelvic CT scan. Once again, everything was normal. It has been another two weeks. She called me last nigth and wants to repeat the endoscopy and test for Celiac disease claiming her lab will be more thourough. I highly doubt that my insurance will cover since they are only a few weeks apart. At this point, what does it matter? Shouldn't I just stick to the diet (which I still have yet to see results from ?) She said that Celiac needs to be confirmed or denied. I questioned here saying that since I was on a gluten free diet wouln't the villi be HEALING? I am getting frustrated. Would you have the 2nd endoscopy done? Or just call it quits with GI#1 saying definitely Celiac disease from the endoscopy? Any thoughts will be greatly appiciated!!
  6. thanks guys for the info. It is kind of bizarre because my endoscope 'hinted towards CELIAC disease' as my doc put it. But my blood work/celiac panel all came back negative. Anyway, my GI doctor made me promise that I would try the diet and give it a couple of months. I go to see the nutritionist is a couple of weeks. I just got the impression that my GI doc didn't know what to do with me so helabeled me with celiac disease. I could be wrong. He said my response to the diet will confirm or deny his diagnosis. DO YOU AGREE? Also, he urged me to get my kids tested. But if I didn't test positive with the blood test why would they? ?--??? Sorry but I am truly ignorant to all of this. I don't want to put them through an endoscope at their ages.. Thanks for your replies. Also does Yogurt have gluten in it?? Sorry for all the questions. You all are so wonderful ..thank you!!!!
  7. I have been having some terrible problems (GI ) systems since Christmas. I have had extreme nausea, difficulty breathing, pain in my back. My primary care doc first suspected gall bladder or H plyori but I passed the ultrasound and the bloodwork came back fine. I have had all kinds of tests...blood work, ultrasounds, stomach emptying tests etc...My doc put me on Nexium and sent me to a GI doctor. I had an endoscope done last week and the nurse just called and said that I have celiac disease. I have never ever heard of this before. After doing some searches on-line I found this site. Do my symptoms sound familar?? I also have some neurological tremors that started a couple of years ago that the neurologist could not explain. I have had several miscarriages but until now at 33 I have been extremely healthy!! I can't believe the GLUTEN could have this much havic on my life. I see my doctor for him to go into more detail about my test results later this week, but if you have any advice I would greatly appreciate it. THANKS!! ANY THOUGHTS?
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