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Ttg Came Back...

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I don't know, we're sort of in the same boat. I'm curious to hear what you decide and what other recommend - it will be a while before we get our results. I know we will all figure this out though, and help our families be healthier :D

it you want to do a trial run of a diet, why don't you try the Specific Carbohydrate diet (www.pecanbread.com; www.breakingtheviciouscycle.info), it is gluten-free, even grain-free, and once you get the hang of it yummy and satisfying. Anyhow, my kids and I do best on it, dramatically better...

.... :ph34r: ...must get back on it!

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The problem with the blood test, particularly when the child is under 5, is that it can often give false negatives. This is even the case with the biopsy since if they don't get an area which is damaged, it will look like there isn't a problem when there is. You will probably want to continue to test for other possible problems like colitis or Crohn's, but in the meantime you may want to try going gluten free for awhile. If gluten is his problem (he doesn't have to have Celiac Disease to be gluten intolerant which could also be causing these problems), you will see results fairly quickly. Some people have seen improvement in as little as 2 or 3 days, others 3 weeks (it took us 10 days). And if it isn't his problem, it won't hurt him if he goes without gluten in his diet for a month or so.

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