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? Re: Coconut Milk

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For folks who are dairy-free, I understand that coconut milk is an option. Someone here posted a recipe for ice cream (please be so kind as to post again, thx). However, I've been buying cultured soy for dd and now I find out that she (and I) shouldn't eat much soy. Is there a way to culture the coconut milk? I suppose that I can make a pudding out of it and she might not notice. You can buy acidophilus at GNC or any health store. Would this work? We used to make our own yogurt all the time and I miss it.

DD: gluten-free/casein-free, soy lite, corn lite

Me: Vegan

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Wow, you really are in uncharted territory with this. I tried a google for dairy-free yogurt, and only found soy alternatives. since you can culture soy, it might be a reasonable leap that you can culture other beverages. I'm not really up on the science behind this, and what makes it thicken up. Give it a try - and you can become the resident expert :unsure: . And if it doesn't work, you are still the expert!

good luck!


Gluten free since July 97

corn free since Jan 98

Never diagnosed by a Doctor

Symptoms cleared on gluten-free diet

Mom and one sister are also gluten-free

One sister with type I diabetes (diagnosed at age 10)

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Yes, I used to make coconut milk yogurt. I just used yogurt starter and treated it like regular milk. Only problem is, it doesn't get solid like yogurt, so I added gelatin to make it set up a bit. FRom what I understand you can use anything to make yogurt, as long as there's some sugars for the bacteria to eat (you could add a teaspoon of sugar or something), but I got the idea from someone who makes yogurt from cashew milk.

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