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  1. Nancym

    Giving Up On Celiac Diet

    Just FYI, the dairy components of the diet are often omitted. I started out on SCD, but without the dairy, and then...
  2. Nancym

    Casein Withdrawal?

    Aw, sorry you're having withdrawal symptoms. I never had any at all, at least that I could identify.
  3. That can be a symptom of thyroid issues. When I was hyperthyroid I heard my heart beating at night. Very unsettling...
  4. Well, you're in luck. This is one disease you can test yourself and treat yourself if you put your mind to it. Just...
  5. People can be intolerant to casein (protein) or lactose (sugar). You're probably lactose intolerant, but not casein...
  6. I used to get canker sores a lot. Started as a kid, continued into adulthood but not as frequently. AFAIK I am gluten...
  7. For me the decision was pretty simple. Make a temporary change in my diet to see if long standing issues went away or...
  8. If you don't have health insurance then I'd do a dietary trial and call it a day. If your symptoms get better, then...
  9. For me brain fog meant terrible memory and poor mental performance. I felt like someone had replaced my brain with a...
  10. I don't know if there's any answers here for you but I've been following this doctor's blog and his post today is about...
  11. Right now the way things are you could lose your health insurance because you failed to tell them you had a stomach ache...
  12. Nancym

    Day 1 Of The Kitty And The Air Mattress Has Been A Success

    Trim her nails? I keep my kitty's nails clips. Just the tips. I wait until he's sleeping, gently get a paw, push out...
  13. I remember seeing an episode of Mystery Diagnosis, a lady with something wrong that was causing excess cortisol hormone...
  14. Nancym

    Tiredness On Onset Of Period

    I get dysmennorhea (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dysmenorrhea). Which is loads of fun! Tiredness is all just part of...
  15. You might try to cut out dairy and see if that helps.