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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. Just FYI, the dairy components of the diet are often omitted. I started out on SCD, but without the dairy, and then realized it was virtually the same as a "paleo diet" but with a lot more fussing over food. So I switched to paleo. I've since found there's things other than dairy and gluten that cause me issues. It seems like foods like nuts and seeds do as well. I can eat small amounts of them, but if I over do it I have some pretty severe intestinal issues. It is a bit of trial and error and it takes a good positive mental outlook to make a lot of dietary changes, but lots of people do it successfully. I hope you figure out what helps you!
  2. Casein Withdrawal?

    Aw, sorry you're having withdrawal symptoms. I never had any at all, at least that I could identify.
  3. That can be a symptom of thyroid issues. When I was hyperthyroid I heard my heart beating at night. Very unsettling.
  4. Well, you're in luck. This is one disease you can test yourself and treat yourself if you put your mind to it. Just get up to speed on the gluten free diet. I suggest eating foods as whole and natural as possible, eliminate the manufactured stuff so you don't have to worry about cross contamination. If you have to spend more than 2 seconds looking at a label, put it down and make something for yourself from scratch. You can even feed your whole family this way and they'll all be fine, maybe even healthier than usual. Give it at least 2 very, squeaky clean weeks at the minimum. A couple months is even better. See what happens. And you get to make a choice... do you look at this as an opportunity to take charge of your health, learn how to cook in new delicious ways or you can look at yourself as a victim. Lots choose to go the victim route and they spend a lot of time feeling angry and depressed. They're missing a huge opportunity to turn around their eating and still eat delicious food but food that's lots healthier.
  5. People can be intolerant to casein (protein) or lactose (sugar). You're probably lactose intolerant, but not casein intolerant. Food intolerances are not allergies. They work differently.
  6. I used to get canker sores a lot. Started as a kid, continued into adulthood but not as frequently. AFAIK I am gluten intolerant, none of my testing for celiac came back positive but I didn't test until after I went gluten-free.
  7. For me the decision was pretty simple. Make a temporary change in my diet to see if long standing issues went away or continue to suffer and put myself at the mercy of current medical practices constantly which weren't doing me a bit of good, and were quite possibly making things worse. I had my answer very quickly after going gluten free.
  8. If you don't have health insurance then I'd do a dietary trial and call it a day. If your symptoms get better, then you know what you need to do. There's no guarantee that testing is going to resolve all your questions anyway. Lots of people go through many painful, very expensive tests and never get an accurate diagnosis of anything. I had one doctor get very obsessed over the small amounts of blood in my urine. She ordered a bunch of really nasty tests... later on I found that most cases of this they never find the cause of and so it isn't really anything to be concerned over. *sigh* If I were you I would give the diet a good try, be very conscientious about it. If, after you've had a nice long time to heal, you still feel awful then you might need to tweak the diet some (might have other food intolerances) or you should look into having the doctors check you for cancer, colitis or whatever else might be the issue. Hopefully by then you'll have health insurance.
  9. For me brain fog meant terrible memory and poor mental performance. I felt like someone had replaced my brain with a lot of wool.
  10. I don't know if there's any answers here for you but I've been following this doctor's blog and his post today is about Celiac disease and bone loss http://nephropal.blogspot.com/2009/11/celi...teoporosis.html
  11. Health Care Reform And "unnecessary" Tests

    Right now the way things are you could lose your health insurance because you failed to tell them you had a stomach ache 10 years ago and they could refuse to pay any bills you racked up at all, deciding that you were trying to get covered for a pre-existing condition. And your recourse is basically to find another company to cover you which now you have a pre-existing condition and no one will. Health care reform isn't going to eliminate insurance companies, they're going to still be there, but they are going to set rules about who they can refuse and stop all the nonsense like recission. There's also the potential for a government run option. I don't hear too many seniors or vets complaining about their government run health care. Besides, if we don't like the health care we end up with we can always kick people out of office until they fix it. Hard to do that with private companies... And of course, people don't get all the tests they want with private insurance either. I suspect things won't change a whole lot and that gluten issues will still be self-diagnosed fairly often like it currently is. Just so long as I can continue to utilize companies like Enterolab to do my own testing, I'll be fine with that.
  12. Trim her nails? I keep my kitty's nails clips. Just the tips. I wait until he's sleeping, gently get a paw, push out a nail and quickly clip off the tip. Over the years he's gotten really used to it and I can usually do it while he's awake. I just fuss over him a lot and he loves the attention. On a lark I even tried to file his nails once and couldn't believe how cooperative he was with that! They also make these glue on covers for nails called "SoftPaws". They last about 6 weeks and they're very pretty! But frankly, it was just as easy for me to clip.
  13. I remember seeing an episode of Mystery Diagnosis, a lady with something wrong that was causing excess cortisol hormone production. She gained a ton of weight, had changes in her mood, and she had that buffalo hump. Cortisol is a stress hormone linked with adrenaline and such, could this be a possibility?
  14. Tiredness On Onset Of Period

    I get dysmennorhea (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dysmenorrhea). Which is loads of fun! Tiredness is all just part of it. It has gotten worse as I've gotten older.
  15. You might try to cut out dairy and see if that helps.