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  1. The skinny celiac is more and more a thing of the past. Doctors get their knowledge from school they attended 20-30 years ago and don't seem to get updated. You're not an anomaly!
  2. I used to have something similar happen. What I think it was I wasn't truly awake but I felt like I was. I'd be lying in bed and a shimmering, huge, translucent spider would be spinning it's way down on a bit of silk about to land on me. It was SO extremely realistic that there was no way I thought...
  3. At this point, without any real regulations on what gluten-free means, you need to do due diligence. I think Trader Joe's has done pretty well with the comments on the back of products stating whether or not there might be issues with products on the same equipment. What that means to you, as...
  4. Anything that looks like rice crispies in a stool might be a parasite, eggs would be my guess. You'd better go see your doctor about that. Fat in a stool is probably going to be invisible to the naked eye because your body heat would melt it.
  5. After I got my enterolab gene test I googled my genetic results and found one of the genes Enterolab reported on was also somehow connected to narcolepsy. I don't have it though... thank god!
  6. Glad you're feeling better! I've followed this story with interest and learned lots of new stuff.
  7. I remember hearing Randy Pausch explain that pancreatic cancer can irritate (or affect) the gallbladder and cause digestion problems, like floating stools, but not everyone gets that symptom. If I had pancreatic cancer in my family, I'd be severely limiting my consumption of sugars and starchy...
  8. I had some gum issues and lots of tooth decay. But it's all gone away since I've adopted a Paleo diet. My hygienist tells me my mouth is now in amazing condition. Frankly, I think it was the grains, sugars and sticky sweet things like raisins and dried fruits that were causing the problems. ...
  9. Dr. Fine says double DQ4, which is only found in Asians, is about the only genetic sequence that seems free of gluten intolerance. But you'd have to have 2 copies of that gene, so probably pure bred Asians only. However, there are intolerances to all kinds of foods like dairy, even rice sometimes...
  10. I used to have lots of muscle spasms in my neck and shoulders and they went away when I went gluten-free and CF. Lately I had a week where I went back on dairy and the cramping came back, so for me it was caused by dairy. For cramps you can try supplementing potassium, magnesium and calcium ...
  11. Give the paleo diet a try. It is a very healthy diet and certainly can't hurt. It does seem to help lots of people with autoimmune diseases.
  12. Somehow the human race managed to do just fine without wheat until a few thousand years ago.
  13. The accounting and recordkeeping would be a nightmare, hopefully you have a lot of time available to set up a good accounting system and way to keep track of all your receipts. Just go to irs.gov and look for the rules, special forms and all. Oh, and it probably only is available if you spend more...
  14. I'm just curious where you get this notion from? Do you think gluten intolerance only affects (or doesn't) the villi in your intestines? I had severe IBS, neurological symptoms and several autoimmune diseases from my gluten intolerance. I'm sure it caused leaky gut which spawned all these autoimmune...