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Help! Oversleep & Fatigued

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Guest andie


Before putting hubby on gluten free diet he slept 18 hours a day. Whenever he could basically.

Within a month of gluten-free he had amazing results. Energy plus!

The last week he is again slipping back into those 'habits'. If he sits down within 5 min he is snoring.

At work when he gets under equipment he is nodding off on the floor. When cutting wood he lays down in the dirt and konks out. He says its weird.

On gluten-free he has none of the other symptoms he had before. In fact he doesn't even feel the fatigue he did before, he just nods off. He is however having major brain fog. (Sent ham and cabbage sandwiches in the kids lunch instead of lettuce.)

We are adding nightshade elimination to the diet. (That's hard) but don't know what else to do.

Have been on gluten-free for 4 months.

Anyone else have similar symptoms? Do you think it is a result of being glutened? We're still learning.


However even at his worst, I don't think he was THAT fatigued. I agree. That needs to be checked out by a DR.

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Heather, thanks so very much for starting this thread. Having sleep problems was one of the first things that manifested for me.

What gave me sleep, rest and strength back was taking wheat out of my diet. It took about a month before I noticed change in the sleep/rest, but it definitely came back, after I cut out the gluten.

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Wow, you need to talk to your doctor and mention the word narcolepsy. There is a connection between gluten intolerance and narcolepsy but still, you'd better explore this further.

There was a post on here stating how Provigil can help with the fatigue/sleepiness. Provigil has gluten in it. My husband has recently been diagnosed with celiac and when I spoke to our pharmacy this morning about refilling his prescriptions she had called in to the company to verify and was told yes, it does contain gluten. Hopefully this information will help someone out there.

I also had a question, all of you who have experienced this extreme fatigue and sleep for hours, have you been able to hold down a job. My husband has been dealing with all of these symptoms for 5 years, and not being able to work as he can't get up or stay awake long enough, and after going to doctor and doctor, being treated for depression, tested for sleep apnia, narcolepsy (both negative after how much money to doctors and hospitals), etc., we finally have an answer and now he has to get his mind set about the gluten free which he is having a hard time dealing with.


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