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I have a 26 month old. He is and has been in the less than 3rd percentile for over a year. He has had numerous testing done. He has had 2 neg. blood tests (one a few weeks ago) and also a neg. biopsy last year. He does carry the gene though. Over the last three weeks his BM's have changed, sometimes they are very loose sometimes they remind me of sawdust. He also has developed what I thought at first was a diaper rash, but now it looks mors like pimple like, raised red bumps. Somdays are worse than others. He does not have a rash anywhere else on his body.

Does anyone have a toddler with DH or is this an issue that develops later in life? I feel like I over analyze every issue with him. I know testing is often unreliable in young children, but I am constantly looking for answers.

Thank you.

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