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Hosting A Celiac Foreign Exchange Student

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I am hosting a foreign exchange student this academic year. She is a German girl who also has Celiac Disease. Since I have Celiac I know all about the special diet, and will not have a problem cooking for her. This girl is coming through Youth For Understanding. I have hosted with them before, so I know they are a good organization. She will come in August and will attend high school with my son, and return to Germany next June. The YFU coordinator just emailed me with information about Thomas, a Celiac boy from Switzerland who is also looking for a host family.

If you have been thinking about hosting a foreign exchange student, and if you have a stable, loving family and a high school that allows foreign exchange students, then you might consider hosting as well. The host family is not paid, and must pass a criminal record and background check. It is really a rewarding experience. you learn a lot about the foreign country the student is from. Also you gain a friend for life. I was a foreign exchange student in high school, and I still remember my host family fondly.

If you are interested, please send an email to the YFU coordinator. She is Pat Peterson. Her email is peterson@yfu.org. The students will begin arriving in August, so don't delay! If you want more information about it, post here and I will try to answer questions.

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