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Positive Bloodwork, Normal Biopsy, Family History

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Hi Everyone,

I've been sick for over six months now-- constipation, bloating, severe intestinal cramps, D, etc. I had the Celiac blood panel test come up positive, my uncle has Celiac disease, and I also had the Prometheus genome type test come up positive. However, I just had an upper endoscopy/biopsy done the other day that came back normal.

I was on the gluten-free diet for about two months and felt noticably better. Then I reintroduced gluten back into my diet for 3.5 weeks before having the endoscopy/biopsy done. During this 3.5 week time period I began having GI symptoms that I had not had since going off gluten.

My doctor says that because the endoscopy looked normal that I don't have Celiac. However, I feel much better when off gluten (so I'm planning on staying on the gluten free diet anyways). Is it at all possible that I am Celiac, or that I could develop Celiac (I read something about positive bloodwork indicating a strong possibly of developing Celiac later on in life)? Or is it possible to just be sensitive to gluten?

Are there any other food allergies that I should be tested for? I'm a vegan (no dairy, eggs, animal products). I would really appreciate any advice or input anyone might have to offer.



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Biopsies cannot rule out celiac, they can only support a diagnosis if they are positive. Damage is spotty, so there is always the chance of not getting part of the damage with a biopsy. Plus, three weeks of gluten is NOT enough.

If you have the gene, the positive blood test, and positive dietary response, you have celiac. No doubt about it.

Just be glad it's not on your medical records because now you know you have it, yet you don't have to worry about it being a pre-existing condition.

gluten-free 12/05

diagnosed with Lyme Disease 12/06

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