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Anatomy Of A Glutening...

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I'm just curious if y'all notice the same thing. Once I know I've been glutened, I can almost keep time by my symptoms because they're like clockwork.


Bloating-> gas-> loose stools-> neuro/cognitive/emotional symptoms-> GI tract starts feeling better-> itching skin & bleeding gums-> muscle & joint aches-> fatigue-> thirst-> feeling better overall-> peeing FOREVER (probably from increase in fluid intake)-> and last but not least, passing mucus through the rectum.

gluten-free May 17, 2007; casein-light since June 2007

Dx'ed gluten/casein intolerant by Enterolab. Family doc dx'ed "gluten sensitive" after dietary response. DQ 6 & DQ 7

8 year old daughter dx'ed gluten/casein intolerant & malabsorption by Enterolab and has been GFCL since June 12, 2007. Excellent response to diet, including growth! Tummyaches & irritability are gone! DQ 5 & DQ 6

Husband has DQ 5 (elementary, my dear Watson!). Self-diagnosed gluten-intolerant by diet response and challenge.

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Guest j_mommy

Mine is the same each time too!!!


bloating.....gas....BIG D(within 4 hrs).......yucky belly feeling.......DH on behind.......yucky belly feeling all the next day and then things start to form up!

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The strange tummy feelings starts first, cramps and uncomfortableness (if thats a word) Then the Big "D" within the hour. Sometimes after the "D" comes a headache, but usually I feel tired and worn out. I cannot focus and I get irritated.

~~~~Gluten Free since 9/2004~~~~~~

Friends may come and go but Sillies are Forever!!!!!!!


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