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  1. My great-grandma was diagnosed at the ripe old age of 83. So no it is deffinetly wrong. Also My mom was diagnosed via the gluten challenge at the age of 62.
  2. There is a company that makes gluten-free bunny cookies, they are like the cookie goldfish they used to make (or maybe they still make them?) Anyway, they are chocholate and vanilla mixed into one box. The company is Annie's, maybe they will work on a cheese bunny. Maybe this would be a good substitute and the other kids would want his cookies?
  3. No it is still within the shelf life. I just looked, still have one bottle. I only drank it cold. I tried another form of the acai berry drink and it still had that similar taste.
  4. I was given a case of it for free from a friend of a friend, who swore by it. I sure would have been mad if I had paid that much for it. I have had absolutely no health benefits from it. I didn't feel any different from it. I thought as bad as it tastes (kinda like soy sauce)it had to do something, so I kept drinking it. But no nothing. My acupuncurist recomends eating the berries by themselves. You can get them dried like a raisin from any chinese medicine formulatory. It's alot cheaper and a pure form.
  5. It probably is true to a degree. European wheat and or spelt does a have a lower content of gluten. But just because they were able to eat it without getting sick, it doesn't mean they aren't causing silent damage. In the beginning of my celiac I was told I culd eat spelt bread and did. If I ate one slice I was fine. But if I ate 2 slices I got the classic stomach problems. I figured out pretty quickly that it was not gluten free. By me eating one slice I was getting silent damage.
  6. I forgot there is also a place in Kent called Hailey's Bakery. They are 100% gluten-free baked goods.
  7. I know this is the teen section, but I had to speak up. I used to live in Tacoma, so I know a few food places that might be helpful to you. I too was a teen celiac, I was diagnosed over 20 years ago, back then things really sucked! Besides the normal places that have gluten-free menus. (outback, chevys, chillis) There is a place called Woody's on Dock street that has a gluten-free menu. Rumor has it that there is a place at the freight house square that carries gluten-free baked goods. Most Garlic Jim's pizza places have a gluten-free pizza (I know for sure there is one in Lakewood). Fred Meyers carries some gluten-free foods in their health food section. There is or used to be a store in Spanaway called the acorn pantry. They are a gluten-free store if they are still there. Marlene's Market has some gluten-free stuff as well and you might be able to find a support group thru them. If you can make a road trip to Mountlake Terrace (Just North of Seattle) there is a huge health food store called Manna Mills that is about 80% gluten free. Oh and by the way Betty Crocker now has gluten-free brownies, chocolate chip cookies, and cake mixes. They are usually with the normal betty crocker stuff. Albertson and safeway tend to have them.
  8. Generic

    Guess Who Got Glutened!

    Amy's doesn't have a very good reputation for their gluten free foods. I won't touch them personally. Too many peopl have gotten sick from them, myself included.
  9. Generic


    Lucky you. On Easter I ate ham with nothing else. Couldn't even eat the potatos au graten. I wish I could just do the cooking.
  10. My daughter had shingles when she was 10 years old. The Dr. blamed it on stress. I really don't think she had the kind of stress that would trigger an outbreak. Her pediatrician had never seen any kids with shingles. And they didn't make a child size pill back then, so she had to take a horse pill for even an adult. She really was in pain even though they were giving liquid vicodin. No one ever considered Celiac. She still isn;t diagnosed officially but follows a gluten-free diet voluntarily since she gets so sick from it. As for your health problems from your gallbladder being removed, I also had it set off a sleugh of health problems. Have you looked into problems with your pancreas or possibly spincter of oddi disfunction, if you continued to have pain? Lets compare notes. BTW I have been gluten-free for 22 years.
  11. I was diagnosed when I was 13 y/o (I'm now 35). It is hard to be "different" when you are a teen, but it really is what you make of it. Knowing that shizo was linked to celiac, it was one of the major reasons I stayed gluten-free that and the stomach aches. I hated it when I told people I couldn't eat something and they would say, oh I'm sorry or that sucks! I just told them don't feel sorry for me. It usually put a stop to the weirdness. If they say Oh I forgot you can't eat that, just say well as long as I remember it will be okay. Also people tend to understand allergy allot better...Don't get me wrong I'm a huge advocate for educating about Celiac but some times it is just easier to say I'm allergic. Ultimately he will do what he wants, you can't force a person. Just try to be a good example and don't cheat.
  12. My gluten-free 18 y/o daughter weighs about 160 lbs. and is 5'6". My non-gluten-free (who should be) 15 y/o son is 6'4" not sure about his weight. I think he is around 160 lbs. He is a string bean too. Me I'm 5'8 and horribly underweight at 109 lbs.(due to unrelated chronic pancreatitis and other issues.)
  13. This may be a dumb question, but here goes. Since they are in Colorado and at a higher elevation, would this some how effect the rising, amount of ingredients and or baking times? I know whenever I have been in high elevations things cook drasticly different for me. Could this be their secret niche for getting such great products?
  14. I bought 2 loaves for Christmas breakfast.(We were doing creme brulee french toast). We had never had it before then. I figured we give it a try since there is such a fan club here. We have gone through about 6 loaves since. We just went without bread before. The family can't seem to get enough. I will never buy another brand of bread again.
  15. I did try them but it didn't help. I am now going to a pain management specialist.