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Ellenor Whitty

Is Anyone Here Rh-negative?

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Hi, Everyone:

I am new here, and this is my first topic ever posted! Wheeeee!

OK, here is a theory:

I have read on the Internet that a large number of celiacs in the U.K. have Rh-Negative blood types. I was fascinated, because I am with type O-Neg blood.

It is claimed that 20% of everyone in the U.K. is Rh-Neg anyway, and in the U.S., it is closer to 15% of the national population.

People with rare blood types are usually hypersensitive to things (like gluten/gliadin), so if any one out there is Rh-Neg, please RSVP! I want to see if there is a connection.....



I am Rh_Neg and O-type and Celiac. Hope this helps.

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