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A Little Episode This Morning...

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When I used to get sick, my ONLY symptoms where gas, bloating and a bit of diahrea...but only in the morning and once. Sorry...that does not seem like much to complain about. But his morning I had a bout of diahrea and that was it, no other symptoms, well no there were a few little bumps on my fingers (red,raised,itchy and sore) and they are long gone. So I believe I got glutened but b/c I never show too many symptoms it is going to be hard for me to figure out if I do get glutened. I have been gluten free for a week now and thought I was doing pretty good, however I am still eating alot of chips...I have a sweet tooth and love chips. I have been keeping a diary of what I eat, The chips have been Old Dutch Ripple (ingredients were potatos, vegetable oil, salt) and Popcorn twists (ingredients were cornmeal,salt, vegetable oil). Never got a reaction from either of these and they are on the Gluten Free list that I have found for Old Dutch. I have had Minute Maid frozen juice, I beleive it was fruit flavoured and I only had it in frozen juice pops that I made. Not sure about the ingredients....maybe this is the culpret. I have put suntan lotion on my children I believe its Water Babies (I have not checked the ingredients yet!!) I use Herbal Essence "Hello Hydration" and their spray gel "set me up" and I looked at the ingredients and there is no mention of any type of Wheat, there is alot of other stuff but not wheat. I am still using but being extra careful, I did buy the dove but cant find a spray gel. And I use Colgate tooth paste...which I saw someone called and said that it was not safe. I believe I have some Crest toothpaste in my daughters bathroom.

So I am not sure what happened and if I got glutened, I cook all the meals and I am trying to manage a gluten free/Gluten kitchen and I could have been glutened from my kitchen. I have only touched bread and crackers to give to my daughter but really washed my hand afterwards. I feel wonderful now and have not had another symptom all day. I had Vans gluten-free waffles for breakfast, salad for lunch, gluten-free crackers, chicken, rice and beans for dinner.....no problems. I am not sure what caused the diahrea, there was no gas or bloating and those ALWAYS happen before I get sick.

Any imput would be great!! Thanks.

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Changing your diet to gluten free is a major change to your intestines, it could be that you just have "normal" D because your body is adjusting to the new diet maybe? Anyway be prepared to have ups and downs in the first months, your body is healing and adjusting and you can have symptoms come and go even without glutening yourself.


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diarrhea can happen without getting gluten. and if it was just significantly looser stool, there are many other things that can quite reasonably and normally cause it. it may not have been a glutening after all, and - as you mention - you may not be able to tell.

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The itchy red bumps sound like DH to me, have you ever been diagnosed with that? Also, I've found that even a week after recovering from a glutening, I can have just a ''little' of the symptoms pop up again, especially if I get adjusted by the chiropractor. So all those toxins that cause your reactions are sort of built up in your system, and will release sometimes without prompting. It's a normal healing process, but I would start a food diary and check everything from the 36 hours before anytime you get symptoms that feel like gluten. Don't forget vitamins and chapstick.

If you're going through hell, keep going. ~Winston Churchill

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Dear goldyjlox,

It could be any of the things you mentioned as far as if you were actually glutened. You have to check everything from your hair stuff, to lotion, to cross-contamination from your kitchen. I have a shared kitchen as well. This is very difficult to manage. I actually had to get a plastic tub and put my cookware and utensils in it so no one could gluten them.

I use Crest Whitening Expressions Toothpaste. Biotene is my mouthwash. Cosmetics are very important to be careful with, too. It is difficult to remember everything. The other day, I was really sick, and I read someone else's post about microwaves moving particles around, and I realized I had probably been getting glutened from heating my water for my instant coffee in there! Now I cover it with a paper plate.




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