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I Know I Am Gluten Intolerant

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Hi, this is my first post.

Recentl I have concluded that I am gluten intolerant, and have come to this conclusion based on the complete elimination of gluten products and the resulting improved health and well being.

As a young child I had a dairy allergy that resulted in eczema, was always hyperactive, didn't really care much for school and pretty much had ADHD symptoms. This didn't really change much as a teenager, I'd say that I had the following symptoms as a teen;





Extremely poor memory

Poor concentration




Post nasal drip

thick mucous in throat


Extreme farting




My diet was EXTREMELY wheat heavy from age 5 to 15 as I'd eat mainly weatbix with milk(dairy allergy was gone) and sugar pretty much 3 times per day. At about 15 I realised that when I didn't drink milk or eat cheese my acne would become less severe, so I completely stopped drinking it. This only improved it slightly, the other symptoms remained.

Over the few years till now (22) I'd drink lactose free milk and weatbix still, pretty much constituted my diet. I got used to it as I never really have felt normal, ever.

A few weeks back I got pretty sick with the flu and didnt eat anything but an apple each day for about a week as I had no appetite. One thing that has ALWAYS bothered me is rosacea, which I found humiliating. I noticed that my skin had become way less red and thought that there must be some dietary involvement in my skin condition. I investigated a bit and went back to just eating fruit as I had done when sick, then went back to normal diet. As soon as I ate weatbix I had extreme pain in my gut, which I associated with possible gluten intolerance as I had heard of it before.

I had an allergy test done a few years back and it revealed that I am allergic to kiwi, banana, fish(lol), corn(pain), and a variety of dust/mould combinations. I associated this with coeliac based on some further research.

Recently I went to the doctor and described my symptoms, he was a bit shocked that I have had all of them for so long and haven't really done much. He suspected coeliac. I have recently had a blood test done for antigliadin, thyroid function, Fe studies, and a variety of other tests for which I hear the results for tomorrow. I don't really care if the tests reveal that I have coeliac/gluten intolerance as I have practical confirmation of my intolerance. I recently have started to feel much better, skin is hardly red at all, acne is gone, skin is less oily, brain hurts less and concentration has improved. Most of all, however, is that my anger has gone, my anxiety is reducing, and I am getting along with people extremely well. At this point I am eating alot of fruit, eggs, vegetables and meat. I recently have been trying some of the gluten free products but they all contain corn products or soy which basically doesn't help me much as they cause the brain fog to worsen. No gluten free product thusfar has been of any use. LActose free milk also still causes problems, so I'm going casein free(does this include yoghurt?).

On a side note my mother had systemic lupus in her 20s, which i suspect could have been coeliac but just undiagnosed. Also, a cousin of mine is gluten free due to an "unknown illness".

I must say, that the other day I thought to myself how happy I was that I now had found the cause of most of my problems, I smiled and had a surge of euphoria go over me as I knew it would come to an end eventually. I know I am not there yet, but it's going to be fine. This has consumed me for ages, and I needed to just tell someone:)

Now to find something to eat. Also, how would I fare on a holiday in China.

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Welcome ScatterBrains!

Wow, we have had very close to the same symptoms all along the way. Except for the eczema, I had everything you've mentioned. I was even on ADHD meds for a while. Milk was a big culprit. When I was a kid my allergist told my parents to take me off milk, but they thought that was silly. It's taken another 25 years to figure it out again myself. As soon as I eliminated gluten I started to feel better, but it made the casein issue crystal clear. Milk free has made all the difference.

Best wishes for a great recovery. My skin is incredible after all the years with acne and I'm about to ditch my expensive treatment products! Keep us posted on your progress.


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Can you do a concise list of all the things you are avoiding? I am picking up gluten, milk, corn, soy, and some fruits, also fish.

You would have a very hard time in China avoiding soy, (soy sauce and oil), corn(cornstarch), and gluten (MSG is wheat based) in the average restaurant. You could eat rice, and a variety of rice noodles, potato noodles and bean threads (meng bean) are available. You would need to have someone arrange for special foods all along the way, or you would need to carry your own. Or find a way to cook simply for yourself.

Celiac is virtually unknown in the general population here, although people understand having an allergy.

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