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Vitamin K For Bone Health

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In addition to 1000 IU daily of Vitamin D3 I recently started taking Vitamin K1 because I have osteopenia. I didn't realize until recently that K is involved, not only with the blood clotting mechanism, but also with bone cell formation. Is anyone else taking Vitamin K for bone health? I'm taking 200 mcg. I've decided to target bone health because that is so important as you age and also to focus on the fat soluble vitamins because these are the ones that will be most affected by damaged mucosa mal-absorption. I also live in the Pacific NW where we don't get a lot of sunshine for most of the year to make Vitamin D the natural way. However, Even though I've researched what are safe supplementation levels I'm still a little nervous about overloading on the fat soluble supplements. Any input?


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