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There Was Something With The Air

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ok so i am making dinner couple nights ago. cooking on the stove top. my mom is putting together this cake just beforehand; when i walk in to get things going in fact. starved and radically unconcerned, i go, "what the heck is that?" referring to this metal pan full of what looks like awful yellowy D. i swear. "somebody have an accident right in the pan, ma?" she's jovial and the greatest of all angels, "no that is going to be pineapple upside down cake. i've yet to add this mix here." as that she whirred the finishing touches to a large silver bowl of powdered kryptonite. no big deal, right. i shrug it off and prepare things on the counter the other side of the sink. i've made food before when she depressed my very soul with such things on the other side. she shoves it in the oven sets the digital timer, and begins other things. by the time i get everything set and rolling in the flames, ecstacy just starts pouring through the vents, the slits acroos the top of the oven door, pouring towards all heavenly imagination that my broccoli and cauliflower, boiling away, that i keep rotating, flipping; that plain ole chicken breasts with salt diminish in appeal; pouring up through them vents and ineffably into my sinuses all moist and warm; so i begin to pretend my food is something with the air. my cauliflower take on this sweetness, and the chiken breast will be lemony and fruity. i take deep, natural breaths, overcome, yet disciplined enough to ignore temptation; to understand what i won't be able to chow. and what my meal will really taste like. it was a struggle, but i'm stronghearted and faithful as my mother.

that night, in fact before i could eat my food, i could tell something was wrong. i contemplated many things until now. weighed many factors as i tossed and turned terrible reflux, sour stomach. and all the next day afterward, i assumed my healing took a slight negative turn, since i actually had almost a week of relief, of turning solid. but nothing. wanted such relief and removal of whatever burned, considering that it could have been something else. whatever made that tremendous air into just awfulness. but would not move, save an irritated bladder i had just brought under control as well. the factors dawned on me the following night, last night when it seemed to dissipate, the drained broken feeling vanished and something finally fed me again. it dawned on me what i had done. and this morning relief came out like a pan of well...so i came here and asked everyone what they thought. is it possible? and tried to make the vexed day the best i could as i vaguely stared this grueling grumbled process over.

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