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Why Did I Lose Weight?

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so i lost some weight b/4 i was diagnosed.

but not sure why - i mean, i guess it was

malabsorption, but i never had

diarrhea or anything -- so,

even it was mal-absorbed...

not sure where the food went?

sucks in many ways, but

mainly b/c i had an eating disorder

for years and so now,

people worry, you know?

but yeah, so i stopped eating gluten

and i am trying to put weight back on.

will that just automatically happen

once my body heals?


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If your intestines were/are damaged they cannot properly absorb nutrients, no matter how much you eat. Some bodies compensate by storing every calorie consumed (and people gain weight), other bodies are unable to absorb the necessary nutrients (and people loose weight).

Some people have dramatic gains/losses after going gluten free, but once your body heals, things will hopefully even out.

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