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Are These Normal Symptoms For Anyone Else?

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I have always been large.. Right before I was diagnosed I was able to loose 20 lbs, I have gained that back going gluten-free, but have not gained any additional since going gluten-free, and that is surprising being that I eat chocolate and potato chips like they are going out of style. I have huge issues with actually cooking and most often I turn to convience foods for meals rather than cooking... so lunches tend to be a chocolate bar and coffee. Dinner I usally get some nutrition... I still feel I have absorption issues because of i did not.... i should be huge.

Have you thought of investing in a crock pot? It really is easy to cook with. Eating as you are will make the villi take a lot longer to heal and could set ylou up for other serious illnesses or even just colds and flu.

If you hate cooking, maybe you can pay someone to cook for you? Since you were diagnosed you might be able to get financial help with this?? Or maybe you have a good friend you can do a trade with?

Whoever does it, cooking a lot at once is one solution and then putting it in separate containers in the fridge so its readily available.

I guess in the final anaylsis you have to figure what your health is worth to you.

Meanwhile you should be taking vit. D, B complex (I have to take the more absorbable co-enzyme kind). magnesium, a good calcium (citrate or E-zorb), C, E, liquid sea minerals, and kelp caps. I also suggests taking marshmallow caps and slippery elm caps plus something like dandelion caps alternating with milk thistle extract (silymarin) caps. Plus digestive enzymes like bromelain/papain and pancreatin.

It will help a lot. The mag. may make it so you don't crave the chocolate quite so much. the first herbs help both sooth the raw gut and heal it plus the latter herbs help your liver deal with the likely leaky gut toxicity situation. The enzymes are essential to digesting your food better and also help heal the inflammation in the gut. The vitamins are needed esp. due to malabsorption--and are essential to many things including thought processes, nerves, digestion, good bones, skin etc. etc.


Diagnosed celiac sprue as infant: failure to thrive & pneumonia-back on grains age 4. Began herbs 1971 combating chronic kidney disease/general ill health 1973. Avoid wheat family and "allergens" by 1980. Late 80's doc. diagnosed candida: cave-man diet. Diagnosed degraded myelin sheath 2006; need co-enzyme B vitamins. Discovered celiac fall 2007; finally told diagnosis as infant. Recently found I am salicylic acid intolerant. Ironically can't tolerate most herbs now. Can now eat brown rice & other gluten-free grains (except corn) & even maple syrup & now homeopathic medicine works! Am still exploring the shape of this elephant but I've made progress!

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