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Also Iso Official Diagnosis-

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Sorry, I'm new here and I tacked this post (see below) onto another person's post that seems to have been resolved. So here we go in a new topic:

I also just received results to my blood tests and they were negative (no specifics yet, should be in the mail, will get them soon).

So- to get this straight- you CAN have negative results but have Celiac Disease?

So confused and frustrated.

I'm looking for an actual diagnosis because I don't have straightforward symptoms and I have only been gluten free for 5 days.

I'm going down this road for my daughter, who is 15 months. She appears to be gluten sensitive and shows clear signs of improvement on a gluten free diet. 2 out of three of her blood tests came back negative. The test that came back positive often has false positives.

Since a gluten free diet is challenging and we don't know for sure if she has Celiac, we will want to try to reintroduce gluten in a year or so. By then, though, I imagine that it will be harder recognize symptoms if she does have it. (Until a few days ago I was changing 4 putrid diapers a day and getting up with her in the middle of the night. And, she has gone from 50th percentile in height/weight to 10th percentile).

I want to know for certain if we have Celiac so that we can make sure that we are gluten free for life if necessary. Am I being unrealistic? Should I get a biopsy ASAP before I am gluten free for too long? Where can I read about how the biopsy is performed?

Thanks for your help- I am a first time poster.


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