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Utz Potato Chips

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I sent this to Utz:


To whom it may concern:

I absolutely loved eating your Utz Natural Gourmet Medley chips!  As an individual with celiac disease, I was very sad when I realized the new packaging for these chips contained the new allergen warning, "Processed on a production line with other products that contain milk, wheat and soy."  After searching unsuccessfully for the past few months trying to find a substitute for your chips, I decided I'd at least try this e-mail.  *The product link is included at the bottom of this e-mail for further clarification.
Is there any way these chips can be made on a line that doesn't come into contact with wheat and soy, and can be labeled once again a gluten-free food?  I don't know all the logistics of your processing, and perhaps running these chips on the same lines as wheat and milk is more cost effective, but if there's any way they can be made on a different line, you would have a happy customer once again.
Although I live in Delaware now, I grew-up in Central PA, and have always loved Utz chips!  In fact, my sister lives in Hanover, and I've been to your factory and taken the tour.  I realize my request to run these chips on another line might not be possible, but I appreciate your consideration.  Thank you.
I received this response:
Thank you for taking the time to express your concerns. I have made your comments heard in our Marketing Department and Quality Control to see what can be done about this. Hopefully, we can get this changed back in the near future.

Customer Care Center
Here's hoping they change things back because I loved those chips!!

Diagnosed with celiac disease, but my fat malabsoption, EPI and Vitamin K deficiency have finally cleared themselves up do to the help from Creon!

Thankful for all the help I've received from members on this board!

Happy to have answers  :) 

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