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Planning Pregnancy...

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I was diagnosed in 2001 with Celiac Disease and then [lucky me] Fibromyalgia in 2005. We are planning to try and concieve our 2nd child soon, so I'm prepping myself to GET pregnant. I know, with my issues, its a process to a process.


My concern... is that. I'm on some LIFESAVING prescriptions lol! and I recall that 2.5 years ago it was such a painful nightmare going off of them during my first pregnancy.


I take topamax for my migraines [to prevent] and literally... it saves me. I've taken this since i was about 18, so it is sooooooooooo hard to like. just stop. 2 days off of it... the migraines HAUNT my every waking moment. my last pregnancy, literally, i had a migraine for almost 5.5 weeks, had to wear sunglasses indoors, couldnt sleep, cried all day, missed so much work, before the drs finally said... okay youre near the 2nd trimester, lets slowly put you back on the topamax.


i am... SO... nervous you guys. WHAT do i do?

and as far as the other... i guess im not so concerned with bc its not PAINFUL...


but i have HORRIFIC insomnia. I had it since i was probably 7 years old? its just that i never did anything about it until AFTER i had my first child and REALLY REALLY needed the sleep... bc yes... after the baby comes... sleep is like... a GIFT... and i could NOT do it. so my drs put me on Lunesta. which ALSO... has DRASTICALLY improved my fibromyalgia pain.

so in a sense...yes...i sort of need the lunesta to sleep...and the sleep in order to manage my fibro pain. so. that sucks.

the topamax and lunesta have been a WONDERFUL routine for me, as far as pain and health management with the headaches, insomnia and fibro pain.

other than that i exercise EVERYDAY to control fibro flare ups... and i take a TON of vitamins [a multi, b complex, b12, folic acid, 5htp]

i know that topamax and lunesta are not the best things to take in pregnancy, especially the first trimester. so i know i have to give them up soon.... and im VERY nervous about it and how it will effect me [which... i know... my eye is on the ball... a healthy baby... so in the end.... headhaches, insomnia and fibro pain are worth it... but still... im SOOOOOOO nervous]

has anyone else had to go off routine medications before pregnancy?

if so? how did you ease off of them? did you go back ON them? lower doses?

did doctors keep you on them anyway?

ANY experience and advice would be appreciated!

Sara, Austin TX

Diagnosed Celiac Disease

2001 via endoscope

gluten free for 10 years!

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