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Lactose Intolerance Test

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I have to get tested for lactose Intolerance and I have celiac disease. From what I understand the nurse told me I have to drink some sort of milk like substance(sweet tasting). & then do a breath test, the whole thing takes about 2 hours.

Does anyone know if the substance that you have to drink is gluten free? I asked the nurse and she didn't know, she said I think it is. But I need to know for sure


Gluten Free since Apr 14-08

Mar 08.....Blood work-Positive for Celiac Results were High (92)

Apr 08....Biopsy Results indicating abnormalities associated with celiac disease & Villi atrophy.

May-08.... Appendicitis

July 08.....X-ray indicates Degenerative Disc Disease

Symptoms that the gluten free diet has helped: All Stomach Problems, Bloating, Vomiting, Heartburn & D, Energy, overall feeling of health again, Migraine, Degenerative disc Disease, and Infertility.

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