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If Anyone Has This Book Gluten Free Classics Please Help

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If anyone out there has the book Gluten Free Classics with the white cover and the picture of the layer cake and a fork on the front i would really appreciate the help. I recently got Gluten Free Classics from my library loan. I loved the focacia recipe! I ment to write it down before i returned it to the library, but i completel forgot. I have been pretty busy. This book isn't easy to check out, plus you have to pay money. I was wondering if anyone who has access to this recipe if they could post it on here including the flour mixture recipe the use for the focacia. I would REALLY appreciate it. thank you :)

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I think I found a site that has a pic of the bread. It also is an amazing web site, I am going to check it out good! iamglutenfree.blogspot.com then go to breads...foccacia thanks for the puzzle. Looks like we can find some good recipes there!

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omg, wasnt that great bread! My kids and i just LOVED it . . even tho mine fell a bit (hard to tell w foccacia). It also was not nearly as good the next day. And then i tested reactive to rice and tapioca and yeast . .. sigh . .

Hopefully this wont break any copywrite laws since you already had the recipe . .

1.5 c flour mix a (below)

1 tsp xathan

1/2 tsp salt

1 tb sugar

1 pkt yeast

1 tsp olive oil

1/4 c + 1 tb water, 110 degrees

1. spray 8-9 " pan w spray and dust w rice flour or cornmeal

2. mix dry ingredients in mixer bowl, add warn water and oil in, mix unitl just blended. Scrape bowl and beaters and beat at high for 2 minutes

3. spoon do in to pan, spread w spatula. Cover w cloth and rise about 40 minutes - double in hight

4. preheat oven to 400 w rack in lower third of oven

5. sprinkle olive oil over top and carefully spread w finger, top w rosemary and sea salt or other toppings.

6. bake about 20 minutes, or 15 for 9 inch pan. Should be light golden in color and cooked thorugh. Remove from pan and cool 15 minutes.

flour mix a (for 1.5 cups):

1/2 c millet flour

1/4 c sorghum flour

1/4 c cornstarch

1/4 c potato starch

1/4 c tapioca flour

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