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Bodybuilder Supplimentation

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Developing more problems due to the "leaky" gut syndrome we all face as celiacs while taking in certain substances? For instance, if someone was to take creatine and whey protein and another suppliment like cissus quadrangus(for joints) would that give them an increased risk for further complications of celiac disease based on the amount of stress it is putting on the permeability of the intestines? I ask this because I am trying to build lean muscle mass, and the gluten-free diet is great this because its all natural foods. However i have used creatine and other suppliments in the past (prior celiac/dh diagnosis) with great results. I was just wondering if the ingestion of these suppliments in any order could cause me more harm then good in the long run in regards to intestinal health and longevity. I am taking whey protein right now but want to add to my suppliment regiment if it is safe.

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