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The Gluten-free Kitchen

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the non-celiacs wash their hands after EVERY food contact. We have the cleanest hands in the world :)

Not only that, but I bet you are all healthier as far as not getting as many (if any) colds, flus, etc.

I know I rarely get sick because my hands are constantly being washed, and I am extremely careful about putting my hands near my mouth without having just washed my hands... It's another healthy habit and by-product of this disease!


Gluten Free since November 2006

Lactose Intolerant since 1980

100% Lactose Free since May 2006

Caffeine Free since August 2007

Hashimoto's Disease

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My son is the only one who can't have gluten and there is none of it in my home. We had a lot of those comments at first. Even a few who said I was being mean to him by not letting have that cookie or piece of cake. People are dumb. Now I just say this is the only place I can make "safe" with out a shadow of doubt. So if I don't do it I am not doing my job as a mom.

Addie, wife to Dennis, mother to Gillian (4) and Rook (2)!

Gluten and Corn Free since 02/6

Soy and Peanut Free since 07/08

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Tonight is my niece's 4th birthday and the whole family is going to my mom's for turkey dinner. She promises it will be completely Gluten-free and she will get every pot, pan, utensil and cutting board super clean before she begins.

She is making roast turkey, mashed potatoes, rice and gravy(without flour) steamed broccoli, and peas. Sounds Gluten-free but, we'll see.

"...I tried to explain to the waiter that I could not have anything with flour so he took the flower off the table..."

Live your life each day

greet the tides my friend

we're all nomads; forever on our way

a journey to the end.

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