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Dr. Jernigan

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Has anyone tried Dr. Jernigan's protocol? Heard good things about it on healingwell.com


Hip surgeries for chronic pain in glute muscles -1989

Sciatica and hip pain - 1991-1993, diagnosed with fibromyalgia - 1993

Diagnosed with Grave's disease - 1995, radioactive iodine - 1996

Gained 60 lbs., depression, low energy, terrible PMS - 1997-2000, diagnosed with PCOS - 2001

Diagnosed with Endometriosis - 2004

Stopped working from severe dizziness, eye pain and fatigue - Thanksgiving 2006

Diagnosed with Vestibular Neuritis caused by Fibromyalgia - 2007

Gluten free - September 2007

Diagnosed with Lyme, Babesia and possibly Bartonella - June 2008

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