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Reacting To Not Common Things

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I am sensitive to alot of things....aside from gluten. If what you're using is gluten free....then the reactions are most likely caused by some sort of intolerance that you havent yet identified.

Since you mention oils, lipstick, creams and vegan bars....you may want to look into "salicylate inolerance".....thats just one of many possibilities.

Good luck. :)

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I had never noticed strange reactions to lotions, but recently since being gluten free about 4 months all kinds of things are bothering me. In the process of pin pointing.

The other day I used the same lotion I always use and started getting dizzier and dizzier until it clicked omg it was the lotion, got in the shower washed it off and started to feel better.

I'm thinking since soy is as bad a gluten for me that the soy derived vit. E tocopherol could be the issue, but I'm kinda just guessing at this point.

I saw an allergist and have allergy testing tomorrow, the doc told me to bring in my lotions...will let you know if they find anything. He said it could be any # of ingredients.

The olive oil bothering you is strange

this condition can seem so bizarre! It's alot of work figuring it out! And yes I think our Immune systems are all out of whack at this point, until we can heal.

Good Luck!!!!

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nothing too interesting to report...other than that I have developed a few low grade food allergies.

(he did not test the lotions this time)

It is very common for new dx celiac to come down with new food intolerances and allergies. My Doctors are telling me most should be temporary but we are looking at like 6 months to a year.

He said even though most of my skincare is natural/vegetable based there are still fragrances that I am sensitive to.

I have seen a dermatologist, he gave me some samples of Cetaphil, neutragena, cerave lotions just the basics...no color, fragrance anything...will have to double check the ingredients for wheat/soy.

my natural stuff all had soy, wheat, barley, perfumes so I am done with those and probably going with the CeraVe

http://www.cerave.com/cream.htm ...still waiting to hear back about the ingredient list.

Good Luck! It's not easy but we will learn!

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I use cetaphil and LOVE it. My face is still a work in progress, but cutting dairy was a big factor, and then controlling the irriation was the other piece. I use it without water, since my skin is really dry and irritates very easily.

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