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Blood Test Results At 7 Mos. Gf

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My GI dr. called with results from my antibodies test. I've been gluten-free for 7 months. It was "5". He said that was down from my original of "194". I was surprised (worried that I was getting gluten) Also, because my stomach is still acting up (pain, nausea) I thought maybe I was getting glutened. He doesn't seem to know why my stomach still hurts, but called my in some compazine for the nausea.

Kathy C.

Ft.Lauderdale, Fl.

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Yes they seem like very good results especially for 7 months. For some people it just takes longer for their symptoms to go away. I think if you have seen progress from going gluten free then you should give it some more time. I'm sure your body is healing but it's healing at it's own rate. There are things you can do to minimize symptoms like certain teas calm nausea along with peppermints and ginger. And certain supplements also help. Hope your symptoms get better soon :D


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Just out of interest, for which test were you at 5 (IgA, IgG)?

I have a book here--that I just got two weeks ago--it says that the following are normal antibodies (and you're in the normal range):

Antigliadin IgA -- Less than 18

Antigliadin IgG -- Less than 24

EMA -- Reads positive or negative

tTg IgA -- Less than 13

tTg IgG -- Less than 30

Well, whatever test it is, you're negative now, which is terrific--your levels are equal to that of a normal (well, non-celiac :D ) person. Congratulations!

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