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Scd Diet -

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Hi All, I've just started the SCD diet and working my way through the process. It doesn't seem to difficult since I've been Gluten and Dairy free already trying to find out what is causing my GI issues (stomach pain, D, Loose stool, etc).

Need some advise.

1. Is it ok to Take Probiotics (Flora Q2). I;ve been reading that Bifo, etc is an issue, but not exactly sure whats allowed here.

2. Is Oscal Calcium pills ok to take...don't see anything on the label that would cause concern, but there are allow of ingredients that i'm not sure about.

3. I've read some threads that talk about slowing easing into new foods. Is there an available plan. I have the Breakout the Vicious cycle book, but doesn't provide a weekly, monthly or food introduction clear plan.

4. I've read both sides about bad bacteria and how to kill it by elminating sugar. Some thoughts are Di and Mono sugars only and some threads talk about all sugards (fruit, etc). Any guidance on what to do here for the first few weeks (ie avoid all fruits, etc) to kill off potential bad bacteria.

I've been on the diet for about 1 week and still have not properly formed BM...loose but no D.

Any guidance, lessons learnt would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Rhoger - as Lisa said, you can follow the SCD thread - just jump in on the last page. That is where those of us on the diet tend to 'congregate'.

You can start a topic on pretty much anything else to do with Food Intolerance in this section but it seems that the SCD has to be confined to its own thread!

We will probably have to start a new one eventually as the old one is getting way too big for people to read through properly.

Come on over - I have transferred your post into a reply in the SCD thread and have been busily answering them all to the best of my knowledge..............


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