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Hi. I am Ali, 50+, and I live in (not so) sunny South Wales, UK.

I have been suffering with health issues since I can remember - many colds and infections as a child, weight problems by puberty, heavy periods, constant fatigue from the age of 15. I gained a lot more weight during my first pregnancy and never lost it, have had digestive issues most of my adult life, became diabetic at 40 and ended up with several years of constant and unrelenting IBS before my digestion finally collapsed in Jan 2008 after being put on Byetta for the diabetes for 3 months.

Doctors could find nowt wrong, so it was up to me and I picked up after doing research, on the Celiac connection, realised both my Dad and Mum had had similar issues and immediately dropped both gluten and dairy. Overnight the pain in my stomach disappeared and the D stopped. Amazing!

However, other issues still persisted and I still had difficulty digesting carbs, particularly the high gluten-free carbs so I went low carb, then discovered the Specific Carb Diet (SCD) which I have been following ever since, latterly incorporating a lot more raw food into the diet too, now I can cope with it, as it gives me more energy.

I am healing. It has been a slow process - made slower by me not always being as disciplined with the diet as is good for me, but the way I was, any progress is a boost.

I now (Jan 09) no longer react to gluten but will not consume it again until I am fully healed and even then only as an occasional treat. I can also tolerate a little dairy but again will not reintroduce it until I am well.

  1. What you need to do is make sure that the coconut milk is not hydrogenated. Of course, it doesn't tell you that on the tin. One way of telling is if the the milk is all blended and creamy - it's lovely like that but that may well be an indicator that it is hydrogenated. The other way, to be...
  2. I have come to this thread rather late in the day as I wasn't posting anywhere but the SCD thread for a while, but it is very interesting. I didn't have narcolepsy, but I used to get periods where I would just become so fatigued that it would take all my effort not to lay down wherever I was....
  3. I was very obese before going gluten free. I lost some because my digestion was so bad I could hardly eat anything, but although I hoped that dropping the gluten was the key to weight loss, it didn't happen. The thing is, I was told years ago that I should eat low-carb, and whilst I did, I would...
  4. It may well be because so many of us can't tolerate carbs in general - it seems that we may be lacking, possibly due to the gut damage or other factors, enough of the correct enzymes to be able to break it down properly. Apparently, improperly digested or undigested carbohydrates are yummy food...
  5. It may be that the damage to your intestines is preventing the formation of or access to, possibly due to an excess of mucous, the particular enzymes needed to digest the onion family. It may not be that it is the onions that are causing the problem but they are an inadvertent victim in the process...
  6. If anyone is still having sleep/nightmare issues even after dropping gluten, please check out the Specific Carbohydrate diet (SCD). There is a thread on the 'Other Food Intolerances' section. Many of us who have still been suffering with health issues even after removing gluten actually have...
  7. Sorry, didn't mean to infer that you might have ASD! Just pointing out the link connecting it and the toe-walking with gut damage. As ASD is quite likely to be caused by some kind of neurological damage then the gut/brain link is certainly a reasonable assumption in that case. At the end of...
  8. The toe-walking thing is often associated with Autistic Spectrum Disorders and could well have its root in digestive issues as many Autistic children and adults have digestive problems. The nerve meridians are all linked within the body - before becoming gluten-free I used to get a lot of restless...
  9. Although I now seem to be able to tolerate eggs (I couldn't initially after going gluten-free), I don't eat them very often, so perhaps that has helped. I have a theory though. You know how stuff can cross the body into mothers' milk when breastfeeding - I am sure a similar thing happens to eggs...
  10. I have just figured out that I am a fast-oxidiser 'Protein type' through the Metabolic Typing Diet questionnaire. I have always known that I need plenty of protein and can't cope with carbs, but at least now I know why. My genetic make-up dictates that I can't process carbs very well at all and...