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Normal Glutening Symptoms? Tmi

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So this is the first time I have been glutened and been sure. I have felt some of this once before, but it was the first time so I wasn't sure because I was still healing at that time. This time my son and I ate the same thing (Ruffles actually so they must have been CC'd) and we both had symptoms. He broke out in hives which is typical for him (nope, not DH) and had 3 BMs the next day. I got totally nauseous. I don't puke, but sometimes I wish I could. I had this nauseous thing before, but wasn't sure it was a glutening. Now I know. The funny thing is that this happened last Saturday so we felt icky on Sunday and Monday and Tuesday we were fine. Then on Wednesday son had D three times again and I started feeling bloated and gassy every time I ate. That is what I felt like all the time before going gluten free. I was constipated and passing what I refer to as rabbit poop and then today I have explosive D like I used to get when I was constipated. I feel wretched, but this is probably the end of it. The D usually is or at least it was before. I am just wondering if this is a normal timeline? It was weird to me that I was fine for 2 days before getting more symptoms, but maybe that is how long it took for the damage to occur? I don't know.

Also, I am wondering if some of this could be prevented by drinking Lactaid or avoiding dairy. We drank Lactaid in the beginning, but after a while we were able to tolerate regular milk so we switched. I always used to get the bloated gassy feeling when I drank milk so my theory is that getting glutened damages the intestines enough to bring back the lactose intolerance for a while. That makes sense right? Maybe we should just continue on with Lactaid in case we get glutened? Any advice is great.


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I can't answer that question for you. I can only say to try it and see how you feel. Those symptoms are certainly ones I get from fresh dairy. I cannot tolerate Lactaid but my daughter can. Each of us is so different that what works for me may not work for you. I would try the Lactaid again and see if things settle down. Then if you want to, you can try regular milk again as a challenge and see if your symptoms come back. It's not cut and dry but celiac disease has the disctintion of many varied symptoms and it tends to baffle us with it's variety. The best we can do is to find our own customized celiac disease way of life. I'm afraid you have to find the nuances by your own experimentation.

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