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The Embarssing End Of Coeliacs...

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Yes the toilet end, one thing us British don't do well talking about but I have to bite the bullet and find out about this one.

For a few months now when I have been sat down, no even for long periods of time I find I get pain in the base of my spine and into my back passage....to be honest it feels like I have been thumped down there, most unpleasent, very uncomfortable and very painful for a few moments until I stand up (which I have to do gingerly I have to add)

Of course I was wondering if that was all part and parcel to the coeliacs what with having problems going to the loo as well or if this was a seperate problem I will have to get investigated at some stage.

It does seem strange that this has only started within the past few months and I have never had a problem like it before.

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I'm not sure if this is exactly the same, but I suffer from the same sort of pain. It is due to my problems going to the bathroom. Sometimes I get really bad lower back pain and it even shoots down into my upper thigh and leg. I would say that it is probably related to your celiac problems, however, you know your body best. If you feel that it is something that bothers you so severely, get it checked out by all means.

I have also had severe back problems relating to my sciatic nerve. That can also cause severe back pain in the base of the spine. This pain gets so severe that I usually cannot walk, sit, stand, turn or bend my body in any position, and this has lasted for months at a time for me. Usually, for me anyway, back pain that is related to my bowel movements occurs more on the lower left side of my back, just left of the base of my spine. So, I would ask you, where do you feel the pain worst? Is it in the center of your spinal base, or more to the left of it?


Blood test diagnosed with celiac disease 3/05

gluten-free since March '05

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I have had a similar experience. I can't tell you what is causing it, but for me, it got better after I was gluten-free for some months. If your problem persists, you really should see a GI doctor. In the meantime try this. Sit up very straight, then bend forward very slightly arching your back inward and sort of pushing your tailbone back. This straightens the passage making it easier to pass stool and probably easing your pain. Many people report nausea when deficating before going gluten-free. I think this nausea and pain are some sort of nerve problem.

I hope you get over this soon. I'm certain it's very uncomfortable.

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