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  1. Other areas of concern: ramen, gyoza, panko, tempura, curry rice mix, miso, dashi, salad dressing, marinades, tamago (omlete), flavored roe, fish cake, wasabi. Not all have gluten, but may. FYI - if you patronize a sushi bar, the chef will get to know your needs. Also, you can get a great...
  2. I advise against meat tenderizers for those new to the diet. It can be hard on your stomach even if your stomach is well, much less damaged. I suggest you for go it.
  3. Whiskey is not necessarily "tripple distilled". I found only one obscure bourbon in Kentucky that is. Most are single distilled and a few are double distilled. In any event, the distillation is supposed to negate the gluten content unless the distiller mixes part of the beer back into the whiskey...