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Is The Amount Of Gluten Consumed Proportionate To Reaction?

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I am just curious is amount of gluten accidentally consumed proportionate to your reaction, or will you react the same whether you accidentally ingested a tiny crumb, or something touched something gluten on a plate, or a piece of gluten-filled cake?

(not that anyone would consume the cake on purpose, I am just using it to stress the difference in portion sizes :)

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I recently tried gluten free oats and discovered at this time I can not tolerate them. The first day I ate appx 8 cookies(an oatmeal type cookie), and I admit I was a little piggish, they were one right after another. With in 1/2 hr I started having sour burps and gurgling in my tummy. I was not sure if it was the cookies so the next day I ate two and, while I still had the same reaction, it took more time than the first to settle in with the sour burping. However, since I had ate the cookies the day before they were still working against me also. That night I had horrible stomach cramping. I'm over it now, but I would hate to know how I would be from a piece of bread.

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