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Iga High, Crazy Thyroid, Feel Awful - Any Ideas?

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Hi Guys,

Long story short, I like to go to the doctor informed, and this time I'm having trouble learning about it. I was persistent about getting a diagnosis for hypothyroidism, which has turned into a roller coaster ride fluctuating between hyper and hypothyroidism every couple months. I have no idea how many years that has been going on, but it isn't fun.

Recently thought it was a little strange that my whole family has GI issues and malabsorption (iron, etc), including osteoporosis in my sister (Vit D = .4) who is not yet 30 yrs. Here are my results:

Endomysial AB Screen Reflex to Titer Endomysial AB (IGA) Screen: Negative

Tissue Transglutaminase Antibody, IGA: <3, therefore negative (5-8).

Gliadin Antibody (IGA): 4, therefore negative (11-17).

More interesting stuff:

Immunoglobulin A: 605 (81-463)

HLA-DQ8 is positive.

There are numbers beside HLA-DQA1 (02), HLA-DQA1 (03), HLA-DQB1 (0202), HLA-DQB1 (0302) but I don't know what they mean. I assume they are HLA types, but I'm not sure if it means they are pos/neg.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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Your celiac panel was definitely negative, but if you feel better being off gluten... stay off it! Your body's reaction is more important than any test.

In addition to celiac disease, the DQ8 gene is associated with type 1 diabetes. It can also play a role in developing lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, IgA nephropathy (a kidney disorder), and certain mast cell disorders like chronic urticaria, mastocytic enterocolitis, and idiopathic anaphylaxis. Although your total IgA is out of range, as far as I know that's not diagnostic for anything in particular. Do you have any specific symptoms that are bothering you?

Genes can give you an indication of risk, but they can't give you a diagnosis.

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