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I am hoping that with the mass amount of knowledge I have read that someone might be able to help me. I have been glutne free for 1 1/2 years now (yeah me!) dairy free for about 6 months. For the most part I am feeling better. I can sure tell when I have had something to eat that has gluten in it or dairy and I have different reactions to both.

So here is what I need help on, even before I was gluten free I craved peanut butter, I craved cakes, things like little debbies, ritz crackes with peanut butter of course you can't forget the white bread with peanute butter. Then there is chocolate like most women and since I don't have anymore women's plumbing and haven't had for 7 years I can't really blame the chocolate on that (haha). I craved potatoes now I am not really that smart when it comes to food but these are carbs am I right.

Now that I am gluten free I STILL CRAVE THESE THINGS!. I was really hoping that going gluten free would help this. I did drop 50lbs (again yeah me!) Sad thing is when I am having a reaction to something I ate, that is when I want to eat this stuff. Why is that, what is my body missing, what should I be eating instead. I know my body is tring to tell me something I am just not smart enough to know what it is.

I have had multiple sclerosis for the last 10 years so I don't know if that plays into or not. So far the gluten free diet hasn't helped my ms sysmptoms but time will tell.

Thank you for taking the time to read this long draw out and confusing post.

Chrissy with the Cravings :P

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One thing I've noticed is that my cravings DEFINITELY depend on my medications. When I switch, so do my cravings. My thyroid became hypothyroid and I could have eaten chocolate on EVERYTHING. Went on thyroid medication and poof! I still want it but not the way I did before.

I think sometimes we crave what our body needs (gluten-excluded). I NEVER craved beef before going gluten-free and now I do.

Congrats on the gluten and dairy free-dom and the weight loss!

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I read somewhere that if you eat a lot of carbs it triggers in your brain cravings for more... now i dont know if this is true but i have heard from people who cut out grains and they said that after a while they stopped having cravings for bread products and for sweets. dont know if this is helpful at all... i also know that when you're glutened your body can't absorb nutrients which may be why it suddenly makes you crave things.

maybe someone else can tell you something a bit more factual. i hope so because i have wondered the same things for years now... i go through the same things exactly...

peanut butter, chocolate, sweets, potatoes lol.. we have similar tummies i think

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