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I Am Confused. Positive Or Negative

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Okay, I have recently had another blood test. We went on a week long cruise. Now at first it was a secret that I was breaking my diet on the trip with my cousin. But eventually she found out like all mothers do (lol). So then when we get the blood test back and we both know that i probably had 30% gluten in my 100% diet i still had a negative score. Now how is this possible? I cheated for one week. I ate chocolate chip cookies, a dinner roll or two, slices of pizza, fish and chips, and some fries with flour breading. Now I still got negative. Then I asked my mom about my original test scores and she said they were 68.

Less than 5 = Negative

5-8 = Neglect

Greater than 8 = Positive

This time I took the test after cheating and it was a 3. Shouldn't it have been higher? Someone please explain what this means to me.

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If you have been gluten free for a long time your low number means your body has healed. Consuming gluten for only one week after being gluten free for a long time isn't enough to damage your body and produce enough antibodies for a positive test. Your number went way down and that is awesome! Congratulations. Don't assume though that you can occasionally eat gluten and still be safe. Your mom will find out ! ;)

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