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  1. I have two tattoos, one on my ankle and one on my foot. The one on my ankle occasionally itches and swells up. I have no idea why. It is very random. I haven't had any problems with the one on my foot.
  2. Stax are made on a dedicated line. There is no risk of CC. Frito corn chips are gluten free but not made on a dedicated line. Some people have issues with Frito Lay products because of this. My own son gets leg cramps when he eats too much Lays.
  3. We eat Stax and Kettle brand potato chips. Both say gluten free on package.
  4. Red Cactus Country Sweet Salsa says gluten free on the label. It is by far my favorite and the only salsa I buy.
  5. Your symptoms sound so much like mine. My diarrhea was mainly at night too. I always thought it was because I ate pasta and bread at dinner and I ate lightly during the day. I have never heard the term "nocturnal diarrhea" but I can say that I have (had) that. I am glad you brought that up because...
  6. Thank you! Your explanation was awesome! So many people on this forum say that if you truly have Celiac disease your reactions become much worse and come on faster but I didn't think that was necessarly true. I thought too that if your body has healed it would take more time for it to react to...
  7. My reactions are delayed now too. A dear friend baked me a gluten free birthday cake a few months ago. She was so proud of it and I was extremely leary (but happy that she did that for me). While we were at lunch she wanted me to try a slice. I did. The next day I got sick. I knew immediately...
  8. I had KP, really bad on my arms and legs. My dermatologist gave me a salicylic lotion to use but it didn't work. The only thing that worked was the gluten free diet. I haven't had a problem since I went gluten free.
  9. I am one of those parents who has had trouble with vaccinations. My perfectly healthy 17 month old who has never, ever been sick got very ill after her last round of vaccinations. She got the MMR, chicken pox, and flu vaccines all at once. That night her legs were so sore she wouldn't walk and...
  10. Go with your gut instinct. I insisted my son get a round of blood tests at his 8 year check up and I am so glad I did because that's when Celiac and the food allergies came up. Before, his doctor wanted to put him on Mira lax for the constipation and Pediasure for the slow growth!!! Diarrhea is...
  11. My husband doesn't get it and his ignorance makes me furious. He thinks it's all in my head and has told me several times to "get over it". He thinks my symptoms came on suddenly because I never complained until after our son was dx. But, what he doesn't understand is that I thought the way I...
  12. Beware of Reese's peanut butter Christmas bells. They contain wheat flour. I ate a handful at work on Friday (no package in sight but I assumed they were okay) and found out yesterday (after I looked at a package at the store) they contain gluten. I thought I was coming down with the flu but it...
  13. I know this is old but I wanted to update it. I was concerned because I did not get ill right after eating Twizzlers. Well, it's been about 5 days now and I've been sick for the past 4. I guess it was a late reaction. I haven't had D and stomach pains like in the past. It feels more like a hangover...
  14. You all had some great insight. I do feel sort of yuck today (headache, yawning all day, muscle pain) but it's not nearly as bad as it used to be (D for hours, extreme fatigue). I would never give up on the gluten free diet just because I ate a few Twizzlers with little ill effects. I am a strong...
  15. Thanks for your replies. It's interesting to get others opinions. I might be counting my chickens before they hatch. I should give it a bit longer before I celebrate with more Twizzlers. My Celiac testing was messed up so my results were not accurate. I actually don't really know if I have Celiac...