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  1. My son was only 41 pounds when he was diagnosed at age 8. He is now 10 and weighs 57 pounds. He gained weight very quickly at first and we were thrilled. He hasn't gained any weight for a few months now. He is still small for his age but it's not so painfully obvious now.
  2. Amyleigh0007

    Leg Pain

    I get leg pain when I eat gluten. It's more like restless leg symdrome. They ache (especially at night) and I feel like I must move them in order to feel better. I was glutenated last week and my legs have been bothering me for the past few nights.
  3. Wow! I haven't posted in a looong time and things have changed! Anyway, does anyone know the status of Hungry Jack regular syrup? The ingredients look okay and Smuckers is a brand that will disclose gluten but I wanted to see if anyone had directly contacted the company and gotten a positive answer. Thanks!
  4. My son has not gained any weight for months now. In fact, he has lost a few pounds so I can sympathize. He gained weight quickly in the first year. Now that we are at 19 months gluten free the growth has stopped and he is regressing. I am so worried. When he had his one year follow up test he was not making antibodies. We haven't changed anything in his diet so I'm not sure what is going on.
  5. Amyleigh0007

    Why Now?

    My son was the first person ever to be diagnosed with Celiac on both sides of the family. I didn't even know what Celiac was prior to his diagnosis. My husband also questioned my symptoms and said my issues might be sympathy pains for our son. I have always had minor stomach problems but it wasn't until my 2nd C-section in August of 07 that my minor problems blossomed into major, life altering problems. I had no idea what was causing my sudden onset of problems. Everyone, including myself, chalked it up to stress. I began making a connection between feeling horrid after eating whole wheat pasta but I really didn't think much more about it. When my son was diagnosed in March of 08 I finally realized that I might have Celiac too and sure enough I do! I am certain that my 2nd C-section was my trigger. Genetic testing was so helpful in my situation since I had been gluten free for a year and was not going to undergo a challenge.
  6. I finally got a doctor's diagnosis because of my genetic testing done through Entrolab. My doctor did not take me seriously when I first went in for the blood test. It was one year later with my gentic testing in hand did he sit and really listen to me. When he found out I had been gluten free for one year with fantastic results on top of having one Celiac gene and one gluten sensitivity gene he diagnosed me with Celiac. Since your insurance will pay for the genetic testing I would go ahead and have it done. You do not need to be eating gluten for it to be accurate. But, if you plan on having the blood test done to test for Celiac you should begin eating gluten again, at least for a few months. Three months gluten free is long enough for your body to begin to heal and you might not get accurate results.
  7. Amyleigh0007

    Swine Flu Shot /egg Allergy

    My son is allergic to egg whites. His doctor told me that he should get the flu shot because the flu would be much worse for him then the reaction he would have from the shot. He doesn't have life threatning reactions, he will get heartburn, a stomach ache, and he suffers from EE. But, the years he did get the flu shot (before we knew of the allergy) he still got the flu so I am on the fence still.
  8. When I received my Enterolab results it came with an easy to read explanation of what my results meant. They also have a phone number you can call with questions. When I called I spoke to a lady who seemed very knowledgable.
  9. Amyleigh0007

    Easy Bake Oven

    Yes! I have seen them at Target, Walmart, and Toys R Us.
  10. Amyleigh0007

    Please Help With Diagnosis Of 9 Year Old Daughter

    My son's bottom itched all the time! When I say bottom I mean his anal area. Poor kid, it drove him crazy. When we eliminated gluten and went on the rotation diet for the food allergies the itching went away. He had huge constipation problems too. He would have a BM once a week. Your daughter may suffer from food allergies and that may cause the itching, like in my son's case. It wouldn't hurt to have your doctor or allergist run food allergy testing.
  11. Amyleigh0007

    Updating My Candy List Before Halloween Gets Here

    Are the miniatures the smallest ones that come in a bag mixed with other kinds? Does anyone know about the small Hershey bars that aren't as small as the mini's? I hope someone knows what I am talking about! I can't think of another way to describe them!
  12. Amyleigh0007

    Easy Bake Oven

    The cupcake maker that is similiar to the easy bake oven offers gluten free mixes. At least, they did last Christmas when I was looking at them. All the icings too were gluten free.
  13. Thanks Janet for the link. I should have put it in my original post. The food is really good. My son is picky and he loved what we have had so far. I wish I would have known about this food box sooner!
  14. I picked up my allergen free food box from Angel Food Ministries yesterday. This was my first time ordering it and I was a bit apprehensive. It included one pound each of frozen chicken nuggets, chicken fingers, chicken patties, and steak fingers. It also included dry mixes of vanilla cake, muffins, pancakes/waffles, and cobbler topping. All that for $35! We had the chicken nuggets and vanilla cake last night and my kids really liked it! I highly recommend it, especially for those that are newly diagnosed and are a bit lost as to what to cook. All the food is free of the top allergens, including gluten. There are no income restrictions. You can order as many boxes as you want. You can place your order online and pick it up a few weeks later at the nearest location (usually a church). I wish I would have known about this sooner! The website is www.angelfoodministries.com.