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  1. zigybean

    New Era Fine Fermentation - Tulsa, OK

    Well, I visited this estblishment over the Holidays. The food was good, I had the fish and chips of course. My brother...
  2. I have not been back to see my GI yet from my endoscopy, so I don't know anything about the severity of the damage yet...
  3. I know I am Celiac. My test numbers and biopsy confirm it, but can I get some insights on what these test numbers really...
  4. I was diagnosed on the 11th, so there goes the first week of forever. I am very emotionally raw, but I found something...
  5. Do they do any further and/or monitoring blood testing to track your antibody levels to help you understand when you...
  6. Thanks for the replies. When he first mentioned it as a possibility, it was like an A-HA moment. Is it possible I have...
  7. I got mine in 24 hours. My results cam via phone call.
  8. Thanks if you read it, but I have my answer. The bllod test was positive. I guess I can stop being in denial. I...
  9. So on a recent colonoscopy, they also scoped the upper GI track. The Dr. did a biopsy of my duodenum and the results...