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  1. I only had the blood test and the biopsy done. I felt the same way, I was totally fine before I started and I felt significantly worse after. But, it was night and day after I started making those changes in the kitchen. The good sign is that obviously there was something wrong and you are starting...
  2. Hello All, I am diagnosed Celiac and have been following the gluten free diet for 15 months. It can be a real rough go early on and I wanted to share some tips that I hope others will find useful. A little background for context. I am mid 20's, Male, in Canada, I was 100% asymptomatic prior...
  3. Wanted to find out if Equate brand (Walmart) Allergy Relief Extra Strength (DIN 02240266) were gluten free. I talked to the manufacturer, Apotex, they indicated that it was gluten free and in fact all Apotex drugs are manufactured in a gluten free facility. HOWEVER, NOT ALL EQUATE BRAND PRODUCTS...