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Elimination Diet-hoping To Stop Myoclonus!

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I discovered a thread on this topic from this past July and from a few years back

Ravenwood, I hope you see this as I am looking to start a serious elimination diet and hope you can help me. There was an old Thread where you disussed your elimination diet (turkey, sweet potato, rice, and cranberry juice).

I am super sensitive and suffer from myoclonus if I ingesta drop of gluten or use cosmetic products containing gluten. I have been truly gluten-free for approx five months (after a learning curve of six months) and I still cannot rid myself of the myoclonus. Some nights are better than others but it is ruining my life (severe sleep deprivation). Since I keep running into possible hidden gluten sources, I have decided to start an ELIMINATION DIET. My dietician ran an organic acids test on me and we know that I am deficient in several of the B vitamins (not B12 though). My test also revealed an exposure to Xylene (a toxic environmental chemical found in gasoline, paint, household cleaning products, plastics, upholstery, mattresses, carpeting, etc.). My dietician started me on the Metagenics Ultraclear medical food approx. a month ago.

Here are my questions for you...........1.Are you Super Sensitive to trace gluten and cross contamination. 2. Are there any vitamin brands (i.e. Country Life) that you found that you can use safely (with no reactions). 3. What brand of Turkey did you eat safely (gluten-free, soy free, dairy free, corn free). I have yet to find a turkey product that did not contain preservatives or possible trace gluten. Can you eat any of the commercially made chicken broths without having a reaction? I would like to start this diet asap but finding safe turkey is a challenge for me. I suspect that I may not be able to tolerate must gluten-free grains.. but I hope I am wrong. My only other "suspects" for possible CC are my C.Life vitamins (I have several bottles) or the Metagenics Ultraclear.

Thank you for your support and ideas to help me get to the bottom of this major frustration.

Warmest Regards,


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I'm sorry you're feeling so bad. You may want to look up the SCD diet. It has been helpful to quite a few super sensitives and there is quite a long thread on the forum about it. I hope it helps you.

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