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Hello From British Columbia, Canada

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I'm an old guy (71) from the interior of British Columbia.

I'm not sure I have celiac disease but I suspect it. I started itching like crazy back in July. Most of it was on my forearms and hands. Then red welts began appearing, some with tiny blisters. I assumed it was an allergy to something and my Doctor took me off the water pills that she had recently prescribed for high blood pressure. At the two week follow-up visit, it wasn't any better so she scheduled herself to do two biopsies in early August. She took two biopsies from the center of the largest and most prominent welt. She was testing for several things, one of which is celiac.

I have to wait until my next appointment in early September for the results. However, that didn't help the itch and it was driving me nuts! So, I stopped eating anything that might have gluten for twelve days. the itch situation slowly subsided. I noticed I was having much less gas and abdominal pain as well as a firmer stool. I figured I was probably just imagining things so I had a piece of chocolate cake one night and a hamburger and pizza the next day. Then I was broken out in an angry rash that really itched! Now I'm off gluten again and hoping it will subside.

Are these symptoms common with celiac?

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yes, but it can also be consistent with simply being gluten-intolerant too. Many of us here aren't "official" celiacs but have many food-intolerances, one being glutens. I have not been diagnosed but much of what I read here is very helpful. I thought I was late having all this hit me at around 50, but 71! I read recently that a situation that causes a great deal of stress or trauma can be a trigger to start the symptoms. Does that hold true for you? I'm embarrassed to admit that my big, traumatic event must have been a move. But it was only the last of many moves for us, so why this one? Except that I LOVED where I was living and didn't really want to leave. That's pathetic! So now I can't have all kinds of foods??? hmmm. Whether you are officially a celiac or not, I think you'll find that this forum is great information.

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