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Hungry Mother, Gargoyles On The Square And Fiore

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Three gluten-free finds in the Boston Area --

Hungry Mother (by Kendall/MIT) (www.hungrymothercambridge.com) is a semi-fancy southern restaurant, using quite a bit of locally grown food. The food is amazing, the waitstaff incredibly friendly, and the ambience nice but not stuffy -- a bit like a friend's back porch. All of their (current) entrees except the gnocchi are gluten-free or can be made gluten-free. Even the cornbread is gluten free (!!) Well worth a visit or two... or three :) I went with a bunch of friends, and we got probably over half the dishes on the menu, and everything was fantastic. (really yummy grits -- haven't had such good ones since I was in Kentucky)

Gargoyles on the Square (Davis square) (www.gargoylesrestaurant.com) is... hm, probably inventive or experimental american, with a hint of Asian flavors? They have really interesting combinations of flavors, and they're well executed. The ambience is a few steps fancier than Hungry Mother. My husband and I went there for restaurant week and our waitress was amazingly knowledgeable about gluten -- even asked if the blue cheese would be all right! We haven't been there on a "normal" day, so I don't know whether their normal menu is gluten-free friendly.

Finally, Fiore's Bakery in JP (don't think they have a website, but you can see reviews at: http://www.Lame Advertisement/biz/fiores-italian-bakery-jamaica-plain) is probably better known for their vegan desserts, but they do (often) have gluten-free desserts as well. Their cupcakes were a bit drier than those from Kickass Cupcakes, but the frosting I thought was better (I like Kickass Cupcakes, but find the frosting sometimes too sweet). They sometimes will have other gluten-free treats as well; it would probably be good to call in advance.

Salivating just at the memory of Hungry Mother...


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Thanks for sharing!

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